The new iPad is better than its predecessor when it comes to gaming. Gaming companies and entrepreneurs all over the world have realized the importance of building games that take into account the unique features of iPad. Several software companies and gaming houses are turning towards custom iPad game development to build games that work perfectly on the iPad.

Some of the popular iPad games are quite complex; building these kinds of games require hard work of several iPad game developers. But then there very basic iPad games too. All one needs to do to build such games is cook up a good concept and hire an iPad game developer to build it! There is no simple rule for developers; there is no way to predict which games will rock the iPad. But we do know which games have succeeded; we know which games have stood the test of time. Below is a list of some of the most successful and addictive iPad games of all time.

Angry Birds
This game is pure, mindless fun. And on the new iPad, you can get this game in HD! The gameplay is straightforward: the birds are angry at the pigs (who stolen the bird eggs, presumably), and they are suicidally hurling themselves at the fortified positions of the pigs. You need to slingshot the birds towards the target and destroy the forts. Perhaps it sounds silly, but once you start playing you won't be able to stop!

Real Racing 2
This game is a product of custom iPad game app development. The game is made for iPad 2, and it uses the specific features of this iPad to let you do a lot of things. For instance, it allows you to use Airplay and play the game on your TV! It also offers a vast variety of controls, enabling players to have a complete and exciting gaming experience on the iPad.

Infinity Blade II
This is one of the few games that blossom on the new iPad. The HD screen of the new iPad gives ample scope to this game to display its stunning graphics. Not only that, the second version of Infinite Blade also has a better storyline and gameplay.

Minecraft Pocket Edition
You can hire an iPad game developer, tell him your concept, and he will build a game like this. Minecraft is not a very complex game to develop, but it is not easy to come up with such a simple but innovative gaming concept. You can get the iPad versions of this cult PC game on the iPad. It will eat into your hours, but it will not disappoint the player inside you.

Pinball HD
The success of this game is a testament to the power of custom iPad game app development. Pinball is a famous game in the physical world, and people have been playing it on PCs and laptops since a long time. But the iPad version is easily the best of the lot. The HD, in combination with a dynamic camera, makes playing this game of iPad a real treat. If you like pinball, you've got to get this game in your iPad.

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David Aldrich is an iPad game app developer. He has worked on several custom iPad game app development projects, and he loves to work on challenging games. He is addicted to gaming, and spends a lot of time playing games. You can hire iPad game developer and get quality apps built.