Eye make up is clearly about hard work and there is so much that can go wrong with your eye makeup! And, even the slightest mistake can actually put you in a fix! It is so important on your end to ensure that you are acquainting yourself with the nuances so as to ensure that you are in no way committing these mistakes. Even if you are reaching out to a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Patna, you can be sure about the fact that he/she will have the same things to say about eye makeup mistakes. Read on to explore what these mistakes are!

We are choosing the wrong concealers… almost all every time!

One of the biggest mistakes that you actually end up committing is the selection of the wrong concealer for your dark circles. The concealer should actually be selected in compliance with the color of your circles – i.e. black, purple, blue etc. Don’t use concealers arbitrarily. Know for a fact that peachy tint is suitable for purple or blue colored circles. On the other hand, a pinkish tint is actually suitable for green circles. These are the perfect colors counteracting with each other thereby hiding the fact that you are tired.

Are you keeping the area around your eyes hydrated?

If not, you’re committing a major mistake! Without sufficient amount of hydration around your eye you actually end up looking older than what you are. If you want your eyes to be the focal point of your look for the day then you should ensure that you are doing what needs to be done. Use eye creams, serums and refreshing primers round your eyes in order to ensure that the area around your eye looks hydrated.

Mascara before Curlers?

So many of us end up committing the monstrous gaffe of applying mascara before using curlers. That actually makes our lashes look clumped and clogged. Your curler should actually be the foundation that you need for your eyes in this case.


As much as you are a fan of mattifying the area around your eye – do let us tell you that you really are not required to do that! It’s because the skin around your eyes is way thinner and you simply don’t require matte. Use a refined transluscent powder or for that matter an eyelid primer if you are actually willing to absorb excess oils round your eyes.

Are you making these mistakes?

Are you committing similar mistakes as well? Please make sure that you are leaving no stone unturned to step up your eye make up game. That will not really happen until you are actually acquainting yourself with the mistakes as the ones mentioned above. While these eye make up tips will help you a lot on a regular basis - - we would suggest that for special events you are actually reaching out to the Best Makeup Artist In Bihar.

You can reach out after checking credentials. Read reviews and reach out for personal recommendations so as to make an informed decision.

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