The first thing you want to ensure after you start living in a rented property is that you will have to get back your bond money, anyhow. Literally, you can’t say anyhow because they won’t give you back the amount if they find out you have left the property in a deplorable state. Every landlord or owner will want to make sure that you leave the property just in the same condition when you came in to stay. In order to ensure that the property stays at its best of state even as you move out of it, get end of lease cleaning services because the agent is going to be critical when monitoring every corner of the house. He will look for junked up corners and ill-maintenance so that he can ask the landlord to sue you. You can follow the tips mentioned below in order to dodge the prying eyes of the agent.

Care Like It’s Your Own

Though you may not own the property but in order to get back the deposit, it’s your responsibility to look after the house like it’s your own. Once you get this feeling inside you, there are chances that you will proactively take part in maintaining the property and ensuring that it’s always clean. Some parts of the house may seem difficult to clean while others may be out of your reach. What can you do? Get, Hire house cleaning services in South Brisbane for optimal results.

A bond cleaning contractor will send professionals to ensure that every nook and corner is well attended to. These professionals will take care of everything, from walls to carpets, kitchens to bathrooms and everything in between. All you have to do is invest some amount of money to help the property get back its lustre.

Identify and Compare Present and Original Conditions

First go through the original report referring to the condition of the property when you first started to reside. After you are literally done going through the key points, check out its present condition. Take a note of everything which requires being fixed, painted, repaired or cleaned. However you should keep in mind that normal wear is accepted everywhere. So, you don’t have to bother about the decrement of the house. All assets are subject to wear. If you think you can add value to the property by fixing up things, call up end of lease cleaning experts in Windsor. Get the carpets, rugs, walls and floor cleaned. Don’t forget the gutter. Now, evaluate the present condition of the house with what it was when you were let in.

Consider Basic Cleaning for All Rooms

Have you called the cleaning contractor? If they are not able to attend your call don’t worry. You can easily opt for a DIY plan by gathering cleaning supplies. Dust out every little detail and vacuum clean dry and loose waste. Damp a cloth with a cleaning agent and cover spots and spills with the same. Rub the stains on the floor or walls. Clean surfaces on a “top-bottom” and “left-right” motion.

Cleaning Exteriors and Interiors

Starting from the exteriors which will include the patio, lawn, backyard, pool, garage and all outdoor furniture to everything inside like wardrobes, sofas, cupboards, drawer, shelves and appliances, clean everything. Don’t leave the hinges, the knobs and handles unclean. Get glass cleaners to clean up the window and doors.

In nutshell keep everything clean, make sure you have fixed parts of the property which got damaged during the tenure of stay. These will help you get back your deposit in full.

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