Going green in style is the ideology of the 21st century. It demonstrates that not only is one conscious of aesthetics but also about the environment. Even the most unaware persons
know that the construction and design industry cause much environmental damage.

As such, sustainable decor is the buzzword for 2022. While constructing luxurious green apartments in Zirakpur, you may design them to exploit natural ventilation and ambient light. You can select sustainable materials plus lead-free paints and use a space for cultivating organic fruits and vegetables. Your architect can create a green apartment that can make others green with envy!

Your luxury apartment must have eco-friendly features. Since money is not a constraint for this bracket of consumers, you can incorporate the most modern green technology, use the most sustainable raw materials for construction and fill the home with highly energy-efficient appliances. Gong green is no fad but a desirable lifestyle option.

Following are the top eco-friendly features that one can use in even luxury 2BHK apartments in Zirakpur:

Select locations for luxury homes with lovely views as it is an investment that can pay off in the future. The place should be able to accommodate systems of renewable energy such that the apartments can generate all the energy they require and even more.

Outdoor Spaces
The apartments' must-have outdoor spaces-like terraces, have many eco-friendly features. They include eco-friendly furniture and terrace gardens. The terrace garden may be lit by solar lamps that are energy-conserving and beautiful.

There can be a shared swimming pool for the apartment complex. Use solar energy to heat the pool naturally and aquatic plants to clean the pool naturally. The pool can add value to the apartment complex.

Eco-Friendly Closets
Apart from simply going in for wooden closets, get those lit by LED lights and feel like a boutique. The glass and wood are other accessories that must be recovered/ re-used or recycled so that the apartments have a minimal carbon footprint. A sustainable trend is using reclaimed wood, which designers of luxury homes are operating globally.

To reduce heat loss in your green luxury apartment, one must use triple glazed/ double glazed windows. Such windows help in eliminating any cold spots one may have in the home. There must be plenty of windows for ambient light and natural ventilation.

Energy-Efficient Appliances
One trend for sustainable living that one can embrace with ease is to purchase the most modern, cutting-edge appliances that are energy efficient by using the latest technology. These include dishwashers, air-conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, and they use minimal energy and reduce emissions.

High Ceilings
In case you live in a place with a hot climate, your apartment must have high ceilings, preferably. Tall ceilings keep the home cool and permit superior natural ventilation.

Led Lights
Use only LED lights in your luxurious green home since it will lower energy consumption in the apartment. Also, pendant lights made of green material offer both downlight and up-light look stylish. For making your home eco-friendly, there are several designer light systems.

Solar Panels
Modern solar panels not only look attractive but also cut down conventional energy usage, based on the number of panels installed and your energy needs. The technology has evolved recently, and you can install rooftop panels attractively.

Eco-Friendly Mattresses
Every aspect of one's home may be eco-friendly, from mattresses to cutlery. Such mattresses use natural materials like hemp, and you can research organic mattresses that are good for health and the environment.

In sum, these are some of the eco-friendly features of luxury apartments. Such homes are good for you and the planet.

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