If you are creating a website, the major point which you should be focusing the most must be engaging and attractive content for your website. You must know what should be in the content and what should not be in your content.

It takes some time to learn the technicalities and skills of content writing, to do that you must analyze some top-ranked website contents. Research shows that web content is mostly scanned but not read. Majority of the people who have clicked on the web page scroll only the first screen and then leave the web page.

Around 15% of the audience will read an entire online web page or article which shows us that 4 out of 5 people are only scanning the web page and not reading it. So, you have to write an engaging, interesting, informing, and inspiring content so that the user gets attracted to it.

The other major point is that your content must contain specific and authentic information; it will be enhancing your business/brand identification. There are some writing tools that will help you a lot in writing great content for your website; you must be using those tools while writing.

Those tools help you to check plagiarism and grammar mistakes if any. They also help you in writing a decent word count for your website content by checking the word count from online tools. Here are some of the top-rated tools that you should use while best writing content for your website.

Tools for checking plagiarism in the content:

Plagiarism is defined as the representation of someone else’s work that is owned by somebody. It can also be intentional as many inexperienced people copy other people’s content to save their effort and time.

It can also be unconditional as a writer may have the same writing style as an author he used to admire. So, plagiarism tools help you to check the originality of the content. The top listed plagiarism checking tools are as follows:

• DupliCheker:

It is an online plagiarism checking tool that offers free services to check the originality in your content. It can be used once and multiple times for checking the plague in the content. It is very simple to use and efficient enough to provide you results within seconds.

You can also check the plagiarism in the content by simply copy-pasting it in the text box or uploading it. If you are a regular writer, then you should register yourself as it is free to register. The registered user has a benefit to check his content up-to 50 times whereas an unregistered user can do it once in a days

• PlagTracker:

It is also an online tool that offers free service of checking plagiarism in the content and provides a brief report of scanned work. The report is then transferred using Email.

Although, it does not provide immediate results as the documents can be in the queue for around 30 minutes. The maximum word count search per content that is supported by this tool is 1000 words per search and it is free to use.

Tools for checking Word Count of content:

While writing great website content, you should be considering an ideal word count length because it affects your website ranking and user experience as people don’t love to read long stories and content.

People prefer to read minimal and engaging content as they are short of time. So you should check the length of your content while writing. Here are some of the top listed tools for checking the word count of the content.

• Character Counter:

It is an online tool that offers you free services to analyze the word count of your content. The most interesting feature of this tool is that it enables you to check an unlimited number of words and characters in a single search.

It is very simple to use and convenient and provides you with results within the seconds. You can also use this tool multiple times a day without paying anything. You can check different files here at this tool. You are not restricted to check only Ms. Word files. You can also check the word count of social media posts.

• Web Page Word Counter:

The tools help you count the number of keywords used in the content. This feature makes it unique and different from other word counters.

Once you paste the website URL, it will present you with a list of keywords used in that content. You can also get the list of most common keywords used on that webpage it will help you do better keyword research.

Tools for checking grammar mistakes in the content:

• Grammarly:

It is one of the most common grammar checkers as millions of people use it daily while writing content. It offers free browser extensions and text editor online for common search engines like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. When you copy-paste the text, grammar mistakes get prominent by underline automatically.

It has the capability of checking grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and writing style. The most interesting thing about this is that it provides you a complete explanation of what is wrong and how to remove errors. It also supports different writing styles including business texts, blog posts, and academic writing.

• GradeProof:

It is a tool used for proofreading. It is operated using the artificial intelligence which makes it much smarter in detecting grammar errors in your content. You can remove grammar mistakes, spelling errors, and can rephrasing the sentences in content using this tool.

The tool is available in both free and paid versions for the user. The free version comes along with the basic features and the premium version comes with the basics and advanced grammar engine.

Final Words:

These are the list of some top listed tools that can actually help you in producing better content for your website. These tools will make your content plague free, free of grammar and punctuation mistakes, and containing an ideal word count length for the content.

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Article written by Mack. He occasionally writes blog for Character Counter.