Look around you and you will find that every enterprise, every household, every sector is working with the help of technology. In order to maintain and invent this advanced technology, demand for Computer Engineers is rising up.

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As we know, computer engineers are responsible for the production of hardware as well as research, development, and designing of the software. A number of jobs have paved its way and top companies are looking out for computer engineers with a good pay scale and a great working environment.

Let discuss the top 10 Job opportunity present for Computer Engineers.

Software Developer
You know you can create something new. Be a software developer, who is responsible for designing and developing new software and operative systems. Many big enterprises pay good remunerations for the job of Software developers as new innovation helps their business grow.

Computer Systems Analyst
Are you known for your critical thinking? Then a computer system analyst job works for you. It requires you to have knowledge of the enterprise’s procedures of the computer system and come up with solutions for the information system and to use information technology for the growth of the business

Information Security Analyst
If you are capable of keeping secrets and know your way around to safeguard systems, be an Information Security Analyst. This job requires you to safeguard the company’s data, be prepared for cyber attacks and recommend ideas to change or upgrade the security systems.

Computer Network Architect
Aspirants interested in building communication systems and connectivity should opt for Computer Network Architect. This job role is required to build networks for data communication and can include networks on a smaller level to a communication system that is worldwide.
IT Project Manager
Aspirants with leadership qualities should opt for IT Project Manager. The job requires you to plan projects of information technology, organize and integrate them. The project manager is expected to work in accordance with administrative staff and IT professionals while completing the project in the budget as well as impeccably.
Database Administrator
Be a Database Administrator if you have the knack of working securely. This job includes proper planning, designing of database, configuration, track performance, installation, recovery of lost data and troubleshooting.

Web Developer
Have you mastered the computer language? Web Developer is the job you are seeking. This job requires you to utilize your knowledge of languages like Java, HTML, etc to create websites that are creative in appearance as well as convenient in use.

Computer Hardware Engineer
If you are more into the components of computers like processor, a memory device, circuit boards, etc then the job of Computer Hardware Engineer will suit you. It will expect you to research, design, develop and create new technology in computer hardware.

Computer and Information Systems Managers
This job requires you to keep track of the needs of the computer for upgrade and recommend changes accordingly. It also requires you to do planning maintenance and installation of the hardware and software of computers. Companies involved in system design and management lookout for Computer and Information system Managers.

Application Architect
Aspirants interested in software should apply for application architect. This job requires you to develop applications and upgrade existing, create product prototypes and do experiments on new software and make documents and manuals relating to the development of the technical application.

The virtual world taking the front seat in the working of an enterprise or business and new technology is need of the hour. Many such jobs are available in every industry for the maintenance of the already invented technology and innovation of new technology. The pay scale has risen and so the demand. Top B.Tech colleges in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, etc are offering a B.Tech course for you to master this skill and be job-ready. Look out for the B.Tech admission date and take the first step towards a brighter career option.


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