If a recent report by Flurry is to be believed, an average adult American spends five hours a day on smartphones. However, browser time has declined to just 8% of the total time spent on mobiles. While this is exciting news for app developers, top management of most organizations have reasons to worry.

Amidst the craze surrounding smart devices and mobile apps, boosting productivity without affecting employee satisfaction can be a serious challenge for most brands. This is where mobile enterprise application development can prove to be a lifesaver.

With more than 5 billion users, mobile phones have managed to connect about two-thirds of the world’s population. Why not use this existing connectivity to your advantage and make the most of enterprise mobility?
Engaged Employees Make a Happier Workforce
The gap between senior management and mid-level employees is currently on a decline. The time is not too far when this will be perhaps, marred. You can say, the key driver behind this is the diminishing constraints on location and time with the emergence of enterprise mobility. This has certainly resulted in organizations having a happy workforce.

Your entire workforce will be able to stay connected 24*7, smoothening internal communication and crisis management, along with instilling a certain level of transparency. A recent survey suggests that 63% employees think mobile devices can be useful in improving productivity. Checking official emails from smartphones is already a common practice among professionals.

The right app can expand the usage of mobiles for official work to a great extent. It will also allow employees to share ideas and flag concerns to the right authority in almost no time and from anywhere. Happier the workforce, higher the productivity. Right?
Decision-Making Made Easy
Traditional decision-making involved multiple face-to-face meetings and complicated procedures that delayed the entire process. A well-designed enterprise mobile app can not only fasten the process with enhanced accuracy but also allow the involved parties to have their say without being physically present.

A well-developed app comes with benefits such as AV conferences, in-house polls, remote viewing, and real-time data sharing. These features will let you take better and faster decisions without having to go through hectic procedures and long meetings.
Go Green, Go Paperless
With millennials forming the major part of the workforce, it is vital for all organizations to maintain an eco-friendly policy. Send the right message out by going paperless with enterprise mobile app. The application can transform the way records are maintained and internal communication is handled.

Investing in mobile enterprise application development today will allow a brand to cut down on costs and improvise on the final output both in terms of quality and quantity. Be it for a service industry or a product-based sector, this unique concept can increase employee efficiency without affecting their satisfaction level.
Enterprise Mobile App Development for Better Customer Experience
Confused with the subhead? Yes, enterprise mobile apps have nothing to do with customers or external users directly. But, they do have a role to play in customer experience (CX). An enterprise app will immensely help in improving the internal workflow and employee satisfaction which has a direct impact on CX. A report suggests that happy employees are likely to boost customer relationships, which in turn can improve sales by 20%.
Stay Ahead of Your Competitors
The competitive nature of the current market has made it mandatory for brands to constantly improve their services, which is a byproduct of innovation in many ways. For example, launching an app with features incorporated after a high level of predictive analysis, certainly, provides the much-needed push to your business.  

This is especially true for startups trying to gain a foothold in the dynamically competitive space. Not that the big players can refrain from adopting the trend for too long. Otherwise, the ‘skippers’ will turn into ‘laggards’.

There is no denying that mobile application development is critical for modern-day brands. However, there are a few factors that need to be considered before launching one.

Security is always a concern
With the rising threat of cyber-attacks security is easily the most important feature of all mobile applications. Enterprise apps deal with confidential information that needs an extra layer of security. It is a good idea to focus on this aspect right from the application’s development stage. Even after a business app is launched, it is important to keep improving and tightening the security features for a safer mobile experience.

Authentication is important
If handled by a wrong person, an enterprise app can have serious consequences on the internal workflow of a brand. This is where multilevel authentication comes into the picture. Companies need to ensure that only employees and intended users are allowed to access the app. Brands can choose to use a password and OTP verification to eliminate the chances of malicious activities.

Encrypt everything official
Safeguarding the business data of an organization is as critical as keeping the clients happy. Your enterprise app needs to have a strong encryption algorithm to avoid transmitting unsafe data. The employees also need to be trained correctly for preventing data theft completely.

Limitless data caching is not a good idea
Cached data allows a software to run faster, but also makes it easier for hackers to break the security features of the concerned product. Enterprise apps need to limit the vulnerabilities associated with data caching.

Hire the best available development team
Your enterprise app will hold the key to your operational success in more ways than one. While it may seem more cost-effective to develop an enterprise mobile app in-house, it is always wiser to outsource it to a more experienced team. Hire a credible mobile application development company such as HokuApps for the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with enterprise app development today!

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