Thai women are good looking and very charming. Thailand is also famous for the beauty of women among other things. Thai women often own clear glowing skin, long silky hair, thin sleek bodies as well as perfect nails. Although many Thai women utilize Western-style beauty products, some of them I know still utilize traditional beauty secrets. These women have a few beauty secrets making them look so beautiful and gorgeous. Here I am going to share a few beauty secrets and tips used by Thai women. Try following these effective remedies and secrets to make you as beautiful as them.

1. Using Turmeric
In Thai beauty regimen, turmeric is used as a great facial scrub. To make this face scrub, take some turmeric powder at first. Then, add a little water and blend well. After that, spread all over your face with the paste and rub well for four minutes. You will see the skin is tingly a bit and contains a very light orange color to it. Do not worry because that will rinse off with just some soap and water as well. As a result, you’ll see that the skin will feel fresh throughout the day and will also have a radiant glow. In addition, this facial scrub is shown good effectiveness in fighting acne as well as other skin problems.

2. Using Coconut Oil
Both Thai food and beauty use coconut oil as a great ingredient. This oil is used as a great multipurpose product for the hair, face and body because it’s considered as one of the safest oils. All you have to do is take some coconut oil and rub it around your eye area to pamper it, or apply it to the dry skin areas before taking a shower or bath for all the goodness.

3. Using Tamarind
Tamarind is a popular ingredient in Thailand. It contains the high mineral and vitamin and content, so it brings great benefits to beauty care. The tamarind comes with AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids) that help to reduce all the dark spots and blemishes, resulting in more youthful looking and brighter skin. Besides, the acids make a good formula for skin lightening and brightening. Making a pure organic paste and using it as a great facial scrub to exfoliate your skin is regarded as one of the best methods to use tamarind. This makes the skin soft and radiant. Alternatively, you can make a recipe of tamarind cleanser by mixing a cup of honey along with tamarind paste with yogurt (three tablespoons). Apply it gently all over your face, staying away from the delicate eye region and after 10 minutes, wash it off. It’s perfect for cleansing and taking all the dead skin cells out of the skin and helps to boost blood circulation.

4. Using Papaya
Thai women often use papaya as a natural beauty agent. The miracle papain enzyme found in papaya acts effectively to flush out all dullness from the face and offers a radiant glow. Besides, this enzyme works as cleansers, taking all the dead skin cells out of the skin. This is also a great ingredient to whiten skin naturally. You can make a body polish of papaya at home by peeling its outer skin and mashing it into 1 nice pulp. Later massage it to the face and body. Finally, take a shower for a happy skin.

5. Thai Massage
Massages are also one of the best beauty secrets from Thai women. Massage flushes out toxins from the body and soothes aching muscles as well. The Thai massage brings a soothing effect to the total body, relaxing the soul and body as well. A Thai massage is often a little harder in comparison to a Western massage. In addition, it requires the body being neck stretched, moved around, limbs pulled, etc. Thai women will have a massage one time a week. Have a Thai massage right now and you will feel 10 years younger.

6. Thai Diet
Having a healthy diet is also a great beauty secret from Thai women. Thai women often eat a lot of fresh vegetables. They eat only a little and even avoid red meat because meat generally clogs the body. Instead, they prefer lots of seafood or fish. Thai food contains good spices which help to clean the body and thereby, make the skin radiant and beautifully. You can try consuming Thai food several times a week and definitely you will see an improvement in both the body and skin.

7. Thai Drinks
Generally, Thai women consume a lot of water as well as fruit juices and some of them drink alcohol on a daily basis. In Thailand, coffee is becoming more popular yet green tea is still king because it comes with many antioxidant agents and has been associated with cancer prevention. Most women in Thailand will choose green tea, fruit juice or water before alcohol or coffee, which is perhaps why so many of women are so beautiful. Thus, ditch the coffee and then try a green tea shake (you can blend green tea with some vanilla yogurt together with one scoop of lemon sherbet). Or you can try a fruit shake or a fresh fruit juice.

8. Using Lemongrass
Lemongrass is used in Thai food widely. It is also loved by women in Thailand for its benefits in wellness and beauty. Lemongrass is a great detoxifying and exfoliating property. Lemongrass facial steam is especially perfect for all types of skin. For this purpose, you need to add fresh finely chopped lemongrass (40 grams) to a pot of boiling water. Leave the boiling water to be infused with the extracts of lemongrass. Allow the mixture to stand for half an hour and strain it. Then, inhale the steam for one minute and leave your skin to absorb it too. You should repeat it for thrice and you’ll gain a lovely sauna effect. In fact, the steam helps to cleanse and open up the pores making it become easier to remove excess oils and dirt as well.
Try these top beauty secrets from Thai women and you will see a big difference in the texture and tone of your skin. After noticing the glowing skin, I’m sure you’ll thank me! You can share your thoughts via a comment.

Guest Post by Hang Pham
Author Bio:
This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the most effective remedies for beauty and health issues.

Author's Bio: 

This guest post is by Hang Pham, a blogger with over 10 years of experience on searching the most effective remedies for beauty and health issues.