No matter you are a Japanese or not, there are very fewer chances that you aren’t affected by the anime fever. They are cute, impressive, expressive, entertaining and every other thing which makes them pet for all.

From kids to adults, most of the people are in awe of anime and thus follow them religiously. If you belong to the same race, you must know how enticing anime is.

But, what proves your love for anime is the many anime products that are available in the market. Anime fans have a huge collection of anime related stuff that makes them anime rich or poor.

If you too are competing in the challenge of who is the best anime lover, here are 10 anime items that you must own for your love of anime:

1. Canned Bread:
Hungry or not, anime trend can bread is a must to grab food item. You must enjoy the bread that comes in a can which has anime prints on it. You can carry this item anywhere and satiate your hunger pangs with them. You may share it with friends and show off your dedication for anime.

2. Anime toys:
This one is especially for the female anime fraternity. The market has loads of anime stuffed toys that aren’t only adorable but a true symbol of anime love. You can buy one or the complete collection and make your home an anime paradise.

3. Anime DVD/Blu-Ray Box sets:
Now, this is obvious, you must have a set of DVDs or Blu-Ray for your favorite anime series. You can enjoy watching them alone or share them with family and friends. A huge collection of anime collectibles is surely one thing every anime lover will love to boast for.

4. Anime Posters & wall scrolls:
Imagine a room that has perfect anime wall decals, posters, and wall scrolls; well it must be a dream of every anime lover. You must have anime theme décor to make your room or home a perfect anime lover place.

5. Anime Figurine:
No matter a kid or an adult, anime figurines are a proud possession of every anime fan. The market is full of anime character figurines. They do come segregated under different age groups.

6. Clothing:
It sounds wonderful!! As an anime lover, you must have a fine collection of anime clothing items. You can buy t-shirts, pants, hoodies and more apparel with anime prints and theme. This will give you anime fan stamp in the public as well.

7. Anime accessories:
It will surely be great to have anything and everything with an anime theme. You can buy a variety of accessories with an anime theme. This includes anime themed beds, halodakimakura pillow covers, anime perfumes, jewelry, bed sheets, caps and more.

8. Anime footwear:
Again a trend that cannot be ignored; anime inspired footwear is a hot trend and must to have anime item for every die-hard fan of anime. As soon as you step out wearing anime theme footwear, your appearance screams out ‘anime lover’ to the world. You can buy anime inspired canvas, ballerinas, sneakers and more.

9. Cosplay attire:
Anime fans are creative and experimental and thus love to fancy dress themselves. If you are a true anime lover, you must have anime cosplay attire at any cost.

10. Anime Videos games:
As entertaining as the anime videos are, anime video games offer the same level of excitement. Having a good collection of anime video games is one of the traits of a true anime fans.

So, these were the items every anime fan must have, how many do you have out of 10?

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Nicki Jenns is a healthy eating and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.