Love ‘em or hate ‘em, each of these 9 Hollywood powerhouse celebrity couples make a team that’s not easy to beat. With all eyes on them — and all ears on what’s the latest with their status — these A-listers are a crowd darling!

#9: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth
The on-and-off-and-on again relationship of this young, hot couple began on the set of the 2009 teen flick, “The Last Song”. The media and the public loved the team up, and the couple was a regular staple on celebrity news. Miley wore a rock to the red carpet in 2012, and the buzz was out about the couple’s engagement. A few months after the engagement was confirmed, the couple split, and made up again. Miley turned into a twerking blonde, and the two split again in 2013. Now, the couple is back together; we’re just not sure how long it’ll last this time.

#8: Jay-Z and Beyoncé Carter
This couple is screaming and oozing music royalty! Eight years since getting married a little rascal out of them, the couple still leaves the public guessing, “are they or aren’t they?” Until separation rumors have been confirmed by either party, Mr. and Mrs. Carter are still raking in dollars, whether individually or as a couple.

#7: Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
This newest of the hottest couples in Hollywood today did not go through the usual celebrity meet up, you know, meeting on the set of a movie, sharing the stage together or taping the same sitcom. Katy and Orlando found instant chemistry at an awards night after-party, and now, the two are all over each other.

#6: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Here’s one of those couples who couldn’t seem to separate on-screen and off-screen romance. After filming “The Green Lantern”, Ryan and Blake stayed in touch, became a couple and not too long after, wed in 2012. These lovebirds are expecting their second child.

#5: Josh Duhamel and Fergie
Married for seven and 5 years dating before that, the crowned Duke and Duchess of Hollywood share a son, Axl, born in 2013. The pop star and the ‘Transformer’heartthrob continue to publicly declare endearing words for each other.

#4: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
Having shared just a quarter of the year together, nobody expected these two rockstars ever to get together. The two met on the set of “The Voice” while both were serving as judges. We’ll see if they can keep singing the same love song.

#3: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo
The Rockstar and the supermodel have been married since 2014. The two are expecting, and Adam even posted Behati’s baby bump. The trending Instagram post showed two proud parents who remain hot and gorgeous despite their growing bellies.

#2: Jordan Clarkson and Kendall Jenner
Celebrity News has it, the NBA Star and the famous Kardashian model are together — hush, hush! Second choice only because the couple has never confirmed their rumored relationship but, Kendall has nevertheless been seen supporting the point guard during Lakers’ games. Kendall even wore a Laker’s jacket in an Instagram post to support his beau’s team.

Nobody knows exactly how the two met but, media first spotted them hanging out at a club in Hollywood back in March. The couple was seen together at the Coachella Festival in April where Jordan jumped over the head of the 5 foot, 10 inches-tall, super long-legged young model. Kendall was just spotted at the Lakers Game on July 17.

#1: Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
Former One Direction member and an uber popular young model — who can take their eyes away from this gorgeous couple? The two were first rumored to be dating in November 2015, just weeks after Gigi called it quits with Joe Jonas.

Since then, the two became inseparable, whether on magazine covers, in the public’s eyes or, even in the sheets — the couple shared an Instagram post of Gigi vertically upside down on the bed kissing Zayn. The couple has probably shared the hottest selfies of themselves kissing and holding hands this 2016. They just seem to be so into each other, which makes them the hottest couple of 2016, so far.


These nine couples may be on again or off again by the end of the year — who knows? But, for now, these are the couples on whom the public’s eyes are bright and spotlight on!

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