eCommerce website development is a very competitive business industry so it helps to have a well thought out plan for your online store design and development.

There are 3 key areas of importance to any website, particularly online shopping websites:

Ranking - Making sure your website is found by search engines
Conversion - Getting people to buy from your online store
Retention - Keep customers coming back to your site

Here are our 8 best tips to consider when starting an eCommerce website:

Choose a well-known platform
There is plenty of tried and tested eCommerce web development company in Dubai you can use. Trying to figure out the best one to use is the challenge! Make sure you choose one that is popular, has great support and produces beautiful looking shops.

Fast loading pages
There is nothing more frustrating than a page that is slow to load when you visit a website. Most people will just move on to another website when this happens. Make sure you use a platform that fast-loads pages and don't use things like flash which can slow things down.

Be original with your content
Make sure you take your photos and write your descriptions for the products you are selling. If you don't, your content will be more or less the same as another eCommerce website in Dubai that you purchase from the same supplier.

Search engine ranking
Search for a keyword that you're hoping to rank highly for and compare the results. If the websites are badly designed or outdated then you've got a good chance of ranking them and selling in that area. If they're fantastic websites and doing well then consider whether you can compete with them.

Your eCommerce website needs to be more than just a shop - write high-quality blog posts to keep the content on your web page fresh, link to your products and establish yourself as an expert in your chosen topic. This will help gain your customer's trust and also increase your search engine ranking. Make sure you can allow your customers to share your products via social media. Include customer reviews or videos about your product and these may also appear in your search results to encourage customers to visit your site.

Retain Customers
The best way to retain customers is to get them to sign up for a newsletter. Prompt your customers to sign up for a newsletter throughout your eCommerce website, and make sure this process is quick and easy to do. Giving a discount coupon off a customer’s next order is also a great way to entice them back for another sale.

Social Media
Facebook is a direct marketing tool and it's free so you’d be silly not to take advantage of it. You can interact with your customers, answer questions, run competitions, notify customers about new products, sales and discounts. Pinterest is also becoming more and more popular and can also be used to drive sales by pinning your products to a board. Displaying social media buttons on each website page is essential - including your product pages.

Website Design
A stunning looking website design in Dubai makes all the difference but make sure your website design matches what you are selling. Think about your target market and what kind of look and feel you think will appeal to them when viewing your website.

Do some research
Make sure you know what you want to achieve with your eCommerce website design Dubai. Check out what your competition is doing and how you can do it better.

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