If you have been using android for a while now then you must be knowing that android devices become sluggish after few months most of the times. Android is an open source and highly customisable, this is the reason most of the smartphone manufactures prefer selling their devices by powering them with android. However, once the devices get filled with lots of apps and media, the device starts performing slow. Therefore, I am going to list down top 7 tips by which you can get most out of your android phone and make your device to work faster.

Top 5 Tips To Get Best Out Of Your Android Phone

1. Sync Your Important Data With Your Google Account

You must be knowing that to make an android device work, you need to have a Google account. I know you have already signed in with your google account on your android but it is suggested to make sure all of your contacts, mails etc are synced to to Google account. This will make easier for you to instantly get access to Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar appointments on your mobile phone, without the need for any additional setup.

By syncing your device data with Google servers, you would also be able to restore your important photos and media files to your new device even if your phone gets lost.

2. Get Useful Apps From Play Store

The beauty of android is it is highly customisable and you can customise it according to your taste by downloading useful apps from the play store. You can download Document scanners, Cab booking apps like Uber, Food ordering apps like Zomato, social media apps, games and much more. It is suggested to configure their notifications so as to make sure that you don't miss anything, especially their updates and how they affect you.

3. Get Android Smartphone Experience On Your Computer

If you love your android device and want to play games but your device is of less specifications, then you also have option to use any android emulator like droid4x to start using android on your PC.

4. Find My Phone

I personally never wish that you are required to use this feature but it is still suggested to use sync your device location with your Google account. If in any case, any mis-happening occurs or you loose your android then you would be able to use FindMyPhone tool from your PC or mac and locate your device. If your device is switched off then you would also be able to know about its last location.

5. Optimise Performance Of Apps

There are many apps which keep running in the background for no good reason. They can make your device sluggish. Therefore it is recommended to always monitor the running processes of each app. You can stop any process or back ground activity which you think is eating your RAM space. You can also download cleaner apps for your android and use them to remove cache and non useful apps regularly.

6. Keep Your Apps And OS Updated

It is recommended to make sure all of your apps and firmware are updated regularly. Older version of apps can become prone to security threats and this is the reason you should update your device and its apps on a regular basis.

7. Disable/Uninstall Bloatware

Most of the android devices come with pre-installed useless apps but many users don't disable them. However it is suggested to remove or disable all apps which you don't use, no matter if it came pre-installed with your phone. If you are not able to find option to uninstall any app which can pre-installed, then you always have an option to disable it.

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