Religion is mankind's quest for the universe. The desire to understand the hidden secrets of the world, existence & time is a notable reason why individual's love worshiping the almighty. Hinduism enlightens people's life across the globe & is probably the most medieval religion on the planet. While it is believed that there are a plethora of divinities in Hinduism yet it's a proven fact that all hindu culture admirers are venerating one preeminent being.Besides this, finding out about Hindu gods & their stories of power and balance is inspiring & exciting.Here's is a list of top 7 most worshipped Hindu deities in the world:

1.Lord Shiva

Shiva is a prominent Hindu god which represents supremacy among all. As indicated by Hindu folklore, Shiva is remembered as the ultimate destroyer of the universe and is also denoted as the god of "birth & death".He is the lord of the Yogis who enjoys a simple life on Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva is known by a few names - Mahadeva, Bhairava, Bhole Nath & Shankar. Besides this, Shiva admirers celebrate Maha Shivaratri with utmost joy & enthusiasm, each year on the 13th night or the 14th day of the new moon which shows up in Krishna Paksha.

2.Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu, the defender of the universe, dwells in Vishnuloka and is accepted to have been sleeping in a tremendous ocean of nothingness. Being the ultimate protector, Lord Vishnu has several manifestations (avatars) that shield the universe from Evil powers while maintaining harmony and control. He travels the universe on his Garuda (Bird) as his vehicle. Lord Vishnu admirers celebrate Ekadashi and Anant Chaturdashi by presenting sweets in the form of prasadam.

3.Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha (elephant god) is another prominent Hindu god worshiped by millions across the globe. Ganesha is the second child of Shiva & Parvati. He used to travel the universe on his vehicle mouse (mushakraj).According to Hindu mythology worshiping Lord Ganesha before commencing any new work/venture brings wealth and luck.Moreover chanting ganesha mantra aids in removing any obstruction between your endeavors.

4.Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna, a manifestation of Vishnu, is the most worshipped deity around the world. Being an essential part of Bhagavad gita his resemblance is spoken to in craftsmanship and sculptures. He was the child of Basudev & Devaki. Every year, people celebrate Krishna Janmashtami to mark his birthday.Make sure to place his statue in the northeast direction of the home, which would bring positive energies in the atmosphere.

5.Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma, represented as one of the trinity divine forces of Hinduism, is the universe creator. His four heads portrayed the complete universe in all four directions. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma resides in Brahma Loka and uses swan as his vehicle. Placing a Brahma statue brings intellect and knowledge to the person, and worshipping him keeps one away from unnecessary ego. Besides this, Brahma had four hands and each of which represents traits of human personality, namely mind, ego, intellect and consciousness.

6.Lord Rama

Lord Rama, the oldest child of Kaushalya & Dasharatha, is an illustration of True moral values & courage. Rama was born as the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu and was the leader of Ayodhya. Rama statue has a bow and arrow which symbolizes his duties to destroy evil & protect righteousness. People all across the world celebrate Diwali when lord Rama Freeing Mata Sita from Demon Ravana and returning to his home after banwas. It is believed that placing the Ram darbar statue at home brings peace & prosperity.

7.Lord Hanuman

Hanuman, son of Lord Pawan, is adored as a symbol of perseverance, physical strength & service. Lord Hanuman helped Rama in his fight against evil powers and is a crucial part of Ramayana.People under challenging times chant "Hanuman Chalisa" which aids them in overcoming toughest situations in life. Besides this, Hanuman is remembered for carrying mountains in search of sanjiwani, just to save Rama's brother Laxman. One can find Hanuman statues in almost every temple in India.


In Hindu Mythology, Every god holds an exceptional purpose & power. Although Contingent upon the place & time, the fame of the divinities may fluctuate. But every one of them is the ultimate protector of the universe and people worshiping them with utmost devotion feel their presence and effect in their life. Nevertheless, once in life, people come across the true energies imparted by these deities, and you can also experiencel that by placing a Hindu statue at your home.

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