The United Arab Emirates is not far behind when it comes to all technological mainstreams as there are many channels in UAE that have successfully managed to gain millions of subscribers. In this regard, freelance videography is playing a vital role in the success of channels. Here we are listing the top 7 most popular YouTube channels in the UAE that are carrying an impressive number of subscribers.

YouTube has exploded in popularity over the past few years and one of the main reasons for its fame is its simple design and interface. YouTube is the largest portal for video content sharing holding a massive portion of the audience. People can choose from a wider range of content from any niche. Either it’s a fashion channel, cooking channel, or any tutorial channel, YouTube carries all.

1. Platinumrecordsmusic
Platinum records music is securing the first spot in the list of most popular youtube channels in UAE. The channel is having 6,020,000 subscribers while 2,991,195,180 video views are recorded at the channel so far. People are ahead in creating great engagement through the video under this channel.

2. Al-Arabiya
The second place in the list of most popular YouTube channels is AlArabiya that is holding 7,61,0000 subscribers having 2,322,763,410 total video views so far. With gigantic video count, the channel is maintaining the interest of viewers on a regular basis.

3. Hussain Al Jasmi
The music channels of Hussain Al Jasmi is greatly popular among Arabian music lovers. The channel is having 3,840,000 subscribers with 450 videos uploaded. Total views on the channel are recorded as 1,571,506,485.

4. Arabian Fairytales
One of the most popular YouTube channels in the UAE is Arabian Fairytales. The channel is uploading great content and total video views are 3,610,000. There are 226 videos uploaded with the crunching Video views of 1,092,315 841.

5. Visit Dubai
Visit Dubai channel is managed by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. The channel consists of all the beautiful videos highlighting the charm of the entire UAE. The Visit Dubai channel is having 301,000 subscribers having 1475 videos uploaded on the channel. Total video views are mentioned as 995,231,019 by Social bakers.

6. Al Aan TV
This channel is grabbing the attention of masses through their video content. Al Aan TV is having 1,580,000 subscribers incurred with 104,665 uploaded videos. The channel is having 969,143,037 total uploaded video views.

7. Star Academy Arabia
The channel of Star Academy Arabia is making its place in the top 7 most popular YouTube channels with 1,010,000 subscribers along with total views of 896,549,475. This channel is featuring Arab stars that will be performing at Star Academy.

Source: Social Bakers

We have compiled the list of the top 7 most popular YouTube channels in the UAE that are making waves around the world. The stats are recorded as of August 2020, so we are not liable for the future changes that might occur in the figures.
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In this regard, freelance videography is playing a vital role in the success of channels.

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