Being in the website business for years now we are well aware of the importance of the website design and its direct impact on your business. Special attention has to be paid while getting an e-commerce website developed. Numerous factors are directly going to have an impact on your sales. It is important to find an eCommerce web development in Toronto with years of experience and great feedback. Check the portfolio of our company and look for each pointer mentioned below, that will ensure that you are hiring a professional company that will not harm the reputation of your business rather it will be able to fetch a good business for you. Apart from this, you must have a list of Digital Marketing Agencies in Toronto handy so after completion of the website you can immediately start digital marketing without wasting any time.

• Choose a platform that is safe, robust and efficient; select a platform that gives you flexibility, scalability, and expandability. Question your eCommerce web development company about which platform they are going to use so that this basic mistake can be fixed in the initial stage itself.

• The uses of low-quality images of products directly affect the bounce rate; various other facts like incomplete contact information, absence of social media profiles, slow loading websites, poor website structure, difficult navigation, overuse of ads, popup, complex website, non-responsive websites, etc. have to be taken into consideration while implementing eCommerce web design.

• The biggest mistake that companies do is not having an attractive & well-optimized title and a detailed product description. Apart from the visuals, color scheme, theme and main product image with description make it coherent for users.

• While developing an e-commerce website the most important thing that matters is security since it involves financial transaction so it becomes your duty to protect customer information so that it cannot be misused by anyone.

• The implementation of the analytic tools is very important from the launch of the website. The insight provided by analytics is very crucial for the growth of the business as they give you in-depth data about the potential users and their activities. Further, you can use this data to your advantage for email marketing campaigns, A/B testing, and for applying dynamic content for your website.

• Launching a website without rigorous A/B testing is the biggest mistake committed by even good companies. Make sure that your website development company have performed all kind of A/B testing as for new ventures this is very important.

• Absence of the right strategy for brand awareness, this is a point where many companies do mistake and usually overlook this important step.

Every business expects high sales, huge profits and for that, your website should have an attractive design, easy and user-friendly navigation, proper support, unique functionality and speedy loading of an e-commerce website are the key elements. Content of your website should be self-explanatory, so get the content for your website written from a professional. The expert company will usually deploy different e-commerce website solutions like Shopify, Opencart, Zencart, Woo-commerce, osCommerce, and Magneto as developing CMS from scratch will increase your overheads. With technology taking things to the next level there are so many tools available that allow you to audit your full website and informs you about the problem areas. Your website should be interactive with users as if your sales guy was selling something to the user in person. An intelligent website should be able to remind about the product added to the cart but are still pending in cart.

So taking care of all the small and above mentioned things and using the latest technology will ensure an increase in the sales graph.

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David Smith is the digital marketing specialist in a reputed Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency Toronto. He has been working in Digital Marketing for over 12 years. David's mission is to provide platforms and various tools to support member agencies’ businesses.