Perhaps that we've all witnessed some kind of supernatural apparitions at least once in our lives, since most of us don’t believe in all these occurrences, that being said, we can't deny them.

Kolkata is known as the city of joy and was the former capital of British India, and is now renowned for its retro beauty as the cultural capital of India.

But if you look deep down, you might find many haunted places in West Bengal
, as the city was once home to many majestic historic and ancient buildings, but in the present times, they are home to supernatural entities. So there are a lot of places in the city that tell us strange, mysterious, and eerie tales. Here's some of them, and look out when you visit them after the sunsets.

National Library of India

The largest library in India was once the seat of the Governor-General of India. This is considered to be one of the spookiest places in Kolkata. The legend of Lady Metcalf’s ghost, the governor general's wife roaming the library, has been told by many people for some time now that she was obsessed with cleanliness.

So if you misplace any books in the library, you might be a victim of it, and more readers mentioned the odd presence of someone watching them. Added to the mystery, when it was renovated in 2010, they discovered a hidden chamber that is said to have acted as a torture chamber in the British period. And even during the process of renovation, 12 workers lost their lives in bizarre circumstances, contributing to the eeriness.

Putulbari or House of dolls

Nowadays, when we hear the names of the dolls, we get uncomfortable thanks to the recent horror movies. This is a huge mansion engraved by dolls in the arches of the building.

The upper floor is empty, and you can hear all sorts of horrid screams when it's dark, and no one has the guts to go up for a stroll.

The most interesting fact is that the lower floor is still inhabited by tenants who have been living there for centuries and who have been used to all these chaos, but they too have been barred from going upstairs since it was haunted by courtesan spirits who had been abused by Zamindhars in the British era.

South park street cemetery:

Well, haunted or not, a visit to the cemetery is always an eerie feeling, particularly at night. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country established in 1767, burial place to thousands of British families living in the British period.

But now it's possibly covered in thick vegetation. The haunted tale began to circulate when a group of visitors captured a blurry white figure in their pictures, and suddenly that guy had an asthma attack right there, even though he had no history of asthma before. And other visitors soon fell ill, contributing to the mystery.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station:

Regular looking and one of the busiest metro stations in Kolkata and very spooky as this place serves as a suicide spot for more than 50 percent of the city's suicides. It also has a reputation known as "Suicide Paradise." Numerous eyewitnesses have claimed that they have seen several mysterious white figures and appearances inside the station, particularly late in the night. Many times the drivers stop the train due to mysterious white figures standing or walking in the tracks that trigger a big confusion, many of which are the product of the numerous suicides on the spot. Never take the last train, as you will be greeted by several supernatural entities.

Writers building:

The building served as an office for the writers of the British East India Company and currently serves as the secretariat of the Government of the West Bengal State. Some of the rooms in this ancient building have been empty and unused for decades, and many odd and bizarre noises, cries, and giggles can be heard in those quarters. This was the location where Colonel Simpson was shot by the rebels for his bad treatment of Indian prisoners.

So many say that his ghost is still haunting this very building today. Employees will never take the risk of remaining after sundown since they become abandoned after 7 p.m.

Hastings House

This was the official residence of Warren Hastings, then Governor-General of British India. It currently serves as a building for the famous women's college in Calcutta. Many students claim to have seen a man ride a horse and enter college that they believe is Warren Hastings.

It is said that he was greatly depressed and saddened at his indictment back in London and that he had not yet found his long-lost peace. Another story is about a boy who died while playing soccer, as his ghost is also haunting the place. Thus students leave the campus as soon as they can after their lectures, particularly before sundown, as things can get a little bit crazier after that.

Lower Circular Road Cemetery

This cemetery is one of the burial grounds of the British period in Kolkata and is no longer in use.

It houses the remains of Sir William Hay McNaghte, who served as a civil servant in the time of British India. In the Anglo-Afghan war, he was brutally killed by the Afghans as he was in ruins when he returned home, and it is said that his wife arranged his body properly and was laid to rest in this cemetery.

It's suspected that his ghost has been haunting this place to date, as late-night security officers have sometimes reported hearing eerie and unusual noises from the cemetery.

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