A business card is a vital part of any business. It is the way of communication. And thus, businesses look for solutions like a business card designer tool that can help them design their business cards. If you're in a business card printing business and want to provide your customers with unique card designs, here are the latest trends that you should check out.

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Alright! Back to the business card trends.

Transparent Cards

Transparent cards are bound to give the cards a fresh look. The size will always seem larger than usual. They are undoubtedly one of the unique sets of business cards. Fonts, graphics, design, or anything printed on it looks subtle yet voluminous. It is your clients' choice if they want to go for fully transparent or partially transparent.

QR code Engraved Cards

Digital marketing took over paper marketing years ago. However, to build a bridge between them, you can provide business cards with QR codes. This way, businesses can give all the information about their availability on digital platforms. It will also give cardholders the comfort of scanning the QR code and reaching out to businesses rather than typing the whole URL address.

Botanical Cards

If your clients' brand deals with something that has to do with nature or wants to show their care for nature loudly, then these cards are for them. These cards are made of recycled waste, giving them a rustic look and have seedlings embedded in them. So, once their purpose is accomplished, customers can tear it into pieces and bury it to see it bloom one day. This creative way will surely make your client's brand stand out from the crowd and will gain you recognition.

Painted Edges Cards

These cards have colored ink-painted edges giving them an accessible and compelling look. It highlights the front card information very subtly. These cards have been in trend for a very long time now and are still in high demand.

Paint Dipped Business Cards

Your efforts have the power to make anyone feel special. The same way paint-dipped cards show your efforts to your clients and their cardholders. Each card is dipped into one or more shades of paints, mostly in acrylic, dyes, or watercolours. The special effort here is that each card is dipped through hands, which results in a different length or different opacity of shades on every card. This makes every card individually unique, just like human thumbprints. The decency will surely impress your clients and their customers.

Big Typography Cards

We use bold letters to highlight the important points or names. The same way big typography trends are all about getting straight to the point. Big, bold, and capital fonts cover the entire space of the cards between the dimensions. They are easy to read. You can witness the brand and its purpose at first glance itself. Big Typography cards are trendsetters of 2021.

Glow Cards

If you want to portray a word- 'fancy' through your cards, this is the right choice. These cards glow in the dark to initiate that fun feeling of holding a glowing card. It highlights the details and makes people go all wow after experiencing the magic. It can give you positive recognition from your customers. If your customers are a DJ or anyone who has to make the night groove by their services, then these cards can do that for them.


Shooting your impression with a handshake and a business card is the basic and effective way of marketing your brand. And the same rule applies to your clients. Just like you, they need to make sure that they provide all the required information about their business on the card. So, the card you design for them should have updated contact details. Otherwise, those designer cards are going to make no sense. Give them the freedom to design their cards using a business card design tool. Design the cards like it is the only impression chance you got to flaunt and attract more clients.

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