ASP.Net is one of the most popular web application technology framework introduced by Microsoft in 1996. With frequent updates, new features are being added to help developers build & deploy highly scalable and enhanced performance web applications using less code.

Are you willing to become a web developer or wish to develop a mobile app or desktop app? If you want to pursue your career as a game developer or want to work on new technologies such as Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence and more is right here for you.

Yes, you read it correctly. All these kinds of applications can be built using ASP.NET. With this article, here is a highlight of the top 7 features that make ASP.NET your ultimate choice for web application development in 2020.

1.Enhanced Performance

As we all know that performance is one of the most critical features of any application. With the inception of ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server, the language is touted as one of the quickest web application frameworks. It is light weighted and based on asynchronous programming models. With ASP.NET, you can be assured of excellent performance, higher flexibility, and scalability that helps in coding easy-to-maintain, reusable, and efficient programming codes.

2.Cross-Platform Functionality

.NET stands out to be the best choice as using core platform ASP.Net applications can now be created and deployed on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Microsoft and its community have put massive efforts into making Linux a first-class citizen for the smooth running of ASP.Net development services. Containers like Docker, Kubernetes, and other technologies are all in high demand. Using ASP.Net, developers can avail of the opportunity to utilize all these new technologies.

3.Unification of Development Models

Developers use MVC and Web API frameworks; it was before the introduction of ASP.NET Core. MVC was specifically tailored to create web apps that served up HTML. Web API was designed for building RESTful Web services using JSON & XML. With ASP.NET Core, the MVC and Web API development models are unified together and use the same base class Controller.

4.Open Source

ASP.NET gets updated from time to time by the professionals. It is supported by an active and large community of developers. Moreover, ASP.NET grants developer total adaptability to include required libraries and other framework components as per the project needs.

5.“Self-hosted” Web Applications

Developers can develop and deploy a self-hosted ASP.NET web application in several different ways. In .NET 4.5 framework, it can be done using Owin, Nancy, or WCF. However, using ASP.NET Core, the dependency on these features does not exist; we can directly use the standard Kestrel web server. Hence, ASP.NET Core applications no longer require IIS for hosting.

6.Integrated Dependency Injection

Built-in Dependency Injection is one of the essential features of ASP.NET Core. It is the preferred way for most of the developers for logging contexts, database contexts, and other things to MVC controllers.

7.WebSockets & SignalR

ASP.NET has exclusive support for WebSockets. It can be used when running long connections in any web application that requires real-time functionality like chat, stock tickers, games, and more. Signal IR is a full framework that allows server code to send asynchronous notifications to client-side web applications quickly.


In this article, we have discussed some of the top features that you should know as a developer. ASP.Net Core is a high-performance, open-source multiplatform, top framework for almost all kinds of applications, irrespective of device and size of the application. If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to create web applications using the ASP.NET framework, consider joining the eminent asp net training course.

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This is anannya Agrawal. I have 3.5 years of experience in the field of application development. I am a professional trainer for mobile and web application development.