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Do you wake up some days and feel that you just can’t seem to get your mojo going? You know what I mean, you’d rather pull the covers over your head and pretend life is going to automatically fall into places as you’d like it to. Hey, we all get off track sometimes. It generally shows up dressed as distractions, procrastination, disgust, bewilderment, indecisiveness or just plain ole fatigue. It happens.
I can recall times when there were so many different projects on my plate and I’d work a bit on one then jump to another. But nothing was coming to completion. It appeared I was just merely going in circles, playing musical projects. There’s no formula for being flawless in this journey called life. But I have some good news for you. There are ways to redesign your life to function as you were originally designed.
Think about this. When you plant a seed in the ground, it always produces that which it was intended. For instance, plant an apple seed and what do you get? Apples! Plant a flower seed and what grows? Flowers? When God created you, He already planted the seeds inside you for a specific purpose and vision He purposed for you to grow into. But distractions, procrastinations, disgusts, bewildering, indecisiveness and fatigue sometimes are inflicted by others. You know, the things people say or do that causes you to become blinded to the vision and purpose seeds originally planted inside of you. Upend this lifestyle today. Become acquainted with you. Redesign your life. Here are the top six ways to do this:
1. Caution yourself: You were placed here for a reason. There is a life’s design seed in you beckoning to blossom into your purpose and destiny.
**My inspirational recommendation: When treading upstream yet seeming to be standing still, use these times to get a clearer perspective about life's call and your goals.
2. Take back control: Okay, you’ve swerved off the path for a moment. It happened. Don’t dwell on the time lost. Move on and find yourself.
**My inspirational recommendation: Transformation begins with the quality decision to abort the "I can't" and birth the "I CAN"
3. Inventory your talent, desire, passion seeds: What are you good at? What do you do just for the fun of it? What would you do if you wouldn’t be paid to do this? Perhaps it’s something you’ve always enjoyed doing as a child. Perhaps it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but was afraid. Don’t be afraid. Remember, God has already planted the seed inside of you. Don’t allow it to rot in the soil of your heart. Give Him a good bang for His investment in you.
**My inspirational recommendation: Know your passion, embrace its power. It's what helps you to achieve your cause.
4. Revisit your goals: Let’s face it. Goals are the heartbeat to life. Without them you’re walking around with blinders on. Stretch yourself. Jump into the challenges that come your way. Reposition yourself. Push yourself to do the things you desire. Not only for yourself, but to shine in the face of those who told you that you can’t.
**My inspirational recommendation: Never take life as is. Design your life as you want it.
5. Stop Stressing: Put things in perspective. Use your mental energy in ways that you enjoy. As important it is to exercise your body, likewise it is with your brain. Crossword puzzles, reading for relaxing, visiting museums, listening to soothing music, and this one I particularly enjoy: thumbing through high-end magazines for selecting the furnishings for my next home. Use your imaginative energy on things you desire that will elevate your thinking. Laugh out loud often, like every half hour. Don’t take things so seriously; just be serious about making things happen.
**My inspirational recommendation: Know your passion, embrace its power. It's what helps you to achieve your cause.
6. Design your focus: You are drawn to your most dominate thoughts. Everyday I sit alone where it is quiet and focus on the design of my life. This is the most important aspect of redesigning your life. See yourself in, on, or at the desires of your heart. Then say out loud to yourself everyday what you are focusing on. If your focus drifts away, gently pull it back. Utilize the seed of imagination that God placed inside of you. Use it to your advantage and redesign your life.
**My inspirational recommendation: Take 30 minutes a day and focus on the person you desire to become. See yourself living the life of your dreams. Evict negative thoughts on purpose. Your best life's design is lodged within you. Dare to dream BIGGER than BIG!
No matter how old you are, how long you’ve been in a career path that you dislike, or what the naysayers are shouting, redesign your life today into the person of your desire. The seeds are inside of you. Water them and watch them grow. I'm routing for you!

Author's Bio: 

Deana Murphy is a lifestyle coach and an award winning author who enjoys helping people find their way to living a rewarding life and have spiritual success.