A tropical nation in the Indian Ocean "Maldives" is composed of 26 ring-shaped atolls known for its beaches, blue lagoons and large reefs, this place is ideal for a couple looking for a best romantic destinations for honeymoon.

1- Ideal Beaches

Just grab the hand of your loved one and stroll across the pristine beaches of Maldives and feel the romantic vibe of the country taking over you. Everything here is just perfect, and the best part of the beaches in this amazing country is that they glow just like stars all thanks to the organisms called phytoplankton that emits a blue glow, an ideal place for a candle night dinner with your loved one or you can just lie down there under the sky full of stars looking in each other's eyes ( can't get more romantic than this right!!!??)

2- An underwater paradise

Maldives has one of the most exclusive and spectacular marine life in the world. Grab your diving gears and explore this heaven full of dolphins, turtles, and whale sharks accompanied by the exotic coral reefs ready to amaze you and your loved one with its immense beauty. Snorkeling is also an option for the non-divers to discover the hidden gems residing in this ocean.

3- Stunning Resorts

Wake up watching the scenic view of the ocean from the water bungalow and fall in love again with your soulmate, dip your legs in the open ocean and feel the excitement of a fresh life standing right in front of you. Get romantic and make promises to each other under the peaceful blue sky witness the ocean.

4- Amazing Sunsets

Hold your better half in your arms and watch the sunset with the clouds turning red, a perfect time and moment to kiss each other and turn the moment into a perfect memory, cherishing it for the rest of your lives.

5- A land of Adventures

Every day in the Maldives is adventurous with a variety of water sports available here. Get yourself on board and explore the inhabited islands filled with mysteries or you can just pump up your adrenaline by trying jet skiing, paragliding or banana boating.

6- Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Rich in flavors Maldives offers the most delicious cuisines also known as "Dhivehi Malaafaiy", you just cannot escape the tasty food served here. The main three ingredients in the cuisines are coconut, fish, and starch. Dishes like Garudhiya, Kulhi boakibaa, and Banbukeylu harissa are worth trying!!!

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