This is an era of digitization. You can find everything from a newspaper to books to apparels online. There is no need to hop stores to purchase something that you require. You just need to browse and click and that’s it! Though online shoppers experience convenience with the help of online shopping, there are a number of difficulties they have to face:

Missing product information:
Buying a product online if one is unable to capture it mentally or imagine how it will look like once unpacked is quite difficult. Inappropriate or missing product details that do not address the shopper’s questions about the products are incapable of enticing the customers. Missing product information harms your trustworthiness and triggers your visitors to leave your store within seconds.

Scam online stores:
“Scam online stores” refers to websites where online shopping may not be safe. These websites may offer the products at low cost but might collect your card payment and personal details. Apart from this, in such cases, where you are shopping online from certified websites but from a cyber cafe or through public Wi-Fi or through a computer which is not virus protected, you are mostly subjected to various risks.

Complex navigation:
There is no doubt about the complex websites being highly enticing. Though online shoppers are attracted to complex-looking sites, they are increasingly frustrated by complicated site navigation. These complex sites contain overwhelming options and irrelevant details that cause them to leave the site within fractions of seconds.

Product quality:
The major drawback of shopping online is the inability to identify the quality of a product. You cannot examine the products’ quality when you are shopping online. Once the product has been delivered, you may come to know that you have purchased wrong product. There are cases where you may realize that the size which you selected is not as per your requirement or you might have chosen the wrong size. Also, the color of the product purchased may differ from the actual product in the case of online shopping. Thus, product quality is a matter of concern for all online shoppers.

Hidden charges and dissatisfactory return policy:
There are a number of sites that add hidden charges just before you are about to check out. There are instances where the shipping charges are not added to the product price and the display price varies to a large extent. Also, the return policies of different sites vary in complexities. The return policy is yet another issue that the online shoppers face. The reason? Well, it is very difficult to get your products exchanged when the delivered products are not as per your requirement.

The absence of customer support for the online shoppers:
There are a number of websites that don’t provide proper customer support during the entire purchase cycle. Customers may require assistance regarding product description, payment techniques, return policy or anything else. They may have queries regarding their purchase at any point in time and if there is no provision for customer support, the online shoppers may have to abandon the site.

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