How To Win Friends And Influence People with Top 6 LinkedIn Changes In The Content Marketing’s Industry In 2017

Microsoft had made its boldest move by purchasing LinkedIn in the past year, and as an outcome, 2017 is the important year for the business-oriented social network.
A lot of adjustments has been made by the LinkedIn and it will put a remarkable effect on your marketing decisions. In this article, we will discuss the biggest changes that will rule in 2017.

1.User Experience
LinkedIn has made important changes in the way users interact and use the platform. Hash Tag is returned back and now you can find status updates by people outside of your network and begin your interaction with them.
This proves to be effective in new forms of networking for the platform that is valuable for sharing potential decision makers.

2.Video Content
Till now, the one of the ways to post videos on LinkedIn is via third party video hosting platforms like YouTube. Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook have posted native video content for years,
LinkedIn plans to roll out the ability to post personal vision statements.

The value of video when it comes to content marketing is vast. If an image says 1,000 words, the importance of 100 frames adds up rapidly when transmitting a message.
Native video content provides innovative ways to engage across a network to show your thought leadership.

3.Revamped Advertising
No doubt, Facebook is the leading social media network with platform generating billions of dollars revenue in 2016. Facebook gets everything possible out of its network, offering a host of different targeting products and options for businesses and that’s why it is highly fruitful in raising revenue. The LinkedIn has two self-serve ad options for year’s i.e. sponsored updates and text ads.

LinkedIn is restoring its advertising options for the advantage of businesses, and that is why this is the right time to invest more heavily in LinkedIn for your content marketing and lead generation requirements.

4.Sponsored InMail
Sponsored InMail is used to be an option for only the highest-spending businesses has now become available to anyone and any business on the network. InMail is basically LinkedIn’s email marketing solution that let you send direct messages to the targeted individual. In order to avoid oversaturation, LinkedIn has covered the number of InMail messages an individual can get to one sponsored message every 60 days – that’s one message at all, not one per brand.

This is explained as: As soon as Sponsored Mail is delivered, the recipient doesn’t get paid message for about 60 days. The advantage you get when your message is one that reaches their inbox.

InMail is a great way to stand out to your targeted audience and endorse imminent webinars or assets like eBooks and whitepapers.

5.Lead generation ads
The majority of businesses look for how many leads are generated at the end of the day? LinkedIn knows about this and it will implement Lead Generation Ads. These ads will work in the same way as Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads. Clicking on Ad let you enter the contact information directly into the LinkedIn without redirecting to the landing page.

Led Gen Ads minimizes the friction for form fills and bind ad to spend to the result. This results in lower cost per lead.

From now onwards, LinkedIn will have email and website remarketing. In 2016, LinkedIn added the feature to track conversions from ads by installing tracking codes in websites.

Moreover, LinkedIn will add an email remarketing option, alike to Facebook’s offering, which means, when the list of contacts is uploaded, accounts related to a LinkedIn account will be available for targeting with ads.

You can make use of your advertising dollars to create awareness among people who have already confronted your brand and in turn, there is a better chance to transform leads into revenue.

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