As a digital marketer it is important for you to back your strategy with data. When you propose plans for the future, there is one question that will always come before you, ‘Why do you think this will work?’ Believe me now, in such situations it is kind of cool to have your facts straight and figures right. It is necessary to learn how to analyse and interpret data. Most people, even today do not think of it as a skill that needs attention. If you are someone who finds it relevant, here’s something that might help you a long way.

Why does one need Google Analytics Dashboards?

Google web traffic analytics gives you marketing insights to understand who your audience is and how you can use the data to grow your business. Web analytics can answer your questions about what people are doing & not doing on your website. Gone are the days when content was called the king. Today, data is the king and one who learns to be an expert in data will rule the world. Google’s Web Analytics Dashboards provide you with the important information under one roof that you choose to see. You can build custom dashboards or use the readymade ones, but we strongly recommend you to have them. Remember, data is the currency that will count today and also in the future.

Following are the top dashboards that simplify the overwhelming data analysis procedure:

For Ecommerce Sites

For an ecommerce site data is the most important aspect after setting up your website. I can’t stress enough on how helpful it is to know how many people visit your website daily, who are they and what they do when they enter your website. This dashboard is your one stop shop for all the necessary sales and revenue information you need to track how well your business is doing online.

Major Takeaways
1.Tracks sales, revenue, and other ecommerce activities.
2.Clearly visualises growth
3.Channel wise visits
4.Top content

For Mobile Ecommerce Sites

There is no argument over how mobile has taken over almost everything in the digital world. It has become the core of Ecommerce too. Users are shopping more and more over their mobile devices every year. This is why we at Radon give mobile site dashboards great importance. This dashboard helps track sales and revenue generated from various mobile devices.

Major Takeaways
1.Revenue and Sales tracking
2.Bounce rate on all devices
3.Details on devices used the most

For Social Media Tracking

A large part of advertising is done on social media these days. Yet, it varies from business to business to what extent they want to include social media in their strategy. Nonetheless, having a social media dashboard is necessary. It is always good to know which platforms are sending the maximum amount of traffic and which are not proving valuable for the effort you put in. This dashboard will guide you recognize the platforms best for your business.

Major Takeaways
1.Track social interactions
2.Measure referrals
3.Recognize valuable channels

For SEO Tracking

As a digital marketer you have to deal with at least one person every single day who demands SEO metrics. This dashboard is your saviour. Get all the important metrics to monitor the performance of your activities in one quick view.

Major Takeaways
1.Recognize Top Landing Pages
2.Monitor branded/non-branded keywords
3.Track the number of visits
4.Organic Search Ranking

For Monitoring Pay Per Click

This dashboard for tracking your PPC campaigns gives basic data about how they are performing. If you are running PPC campaigns, you are obviously tracking the results. This dashboard is one of the amazing ones to help you do so.

Major Takeaways
1.Tracking total visits
2.Monitoring Trends
3.Campaign wise conversion rate
4.Visits by country
5.Visits and conversion rate by keywords
6.Visits and conversion rate by ad groups

For Content Marketing Campaigns

Making content is not the end of your campaign. In fact the real game begins there. A content marketer in digital marketing will know which content is performing better and where. This dashboard is your go to place for important metrics of your campaign. You can use it track and improve the performance of your campaign, keep it as a lesson for future campaigns and learn where you can improve.

Major Takeaways
1.Overall Visits
2.Unique visitors
4.Blog Visits
5.Signup conversion rate
6.Conversion by social network
7.Conversion by search query
8.Conversion by traffic source

Parting Note

These 6 most popular ready to use dashboards will help you get the necessary data and help you improve your activities and strategies. Giving a custom touch to the dashboards is necessary because one size does not fit all. Tailor made dashboards allow you to track every single metric under the sky, giving you all the information that one needs to know. The basic goal is to be able to understand customers better in whatever way you can so that you can give them a better experience, make them your loyalists and in turn increase word of mouth.

Author's Bio: 

Janvi is a content writer for Radon Media. She loves to write topics on Digital Marketing to help people improve their knowledge and stay update continues. She specialize in implementing and executing inbound marketing which is based on principle of law of attraction. Janvi has trained many professionals and teams to execute Digital Marketing projects in various industries.