Be it the MEHNDI in your wedding or you want your guest look different on your occasion- make it possible with Henna Tattoo. Every time people come up with the questions, experts keep answering them. Here are a few questions answered by the experts-

  1. Is Henna Safe?

It is most frequently asked question due to a few misconceptions. But it’s perfectly safe for the majority of people. However, it may happen that people with a certain illness can come across some side effects from henna. For example, some infants come with G6PD deficiency. Hence, experts recommend not to do henna for children under the age of 5. For children aging between 5-12, the first henna tattoo by the artists in Sydney must be a minimum design. 

  1. How Long Does the Henna Last?

It is generally said that the henna lasts up to 1-3 weeks depending on the activities you do with your hand. Other areas like foot designs last a bit longer- up to 5 weeks. Since everyone’s skin is unique, it produces a different amount of oil for quick exfoliation of old skin and generates the new. 

  1. How Does the Henna Stain the Skin? 

When the citrus is added to the Henna powder, a dye is released, which is known as Lawsone. The dye bonds with the protein in your skin and react with the oxygen in the air to make the application area darken.

  1. Why is It Better to Avoid Blak Henna?

The genuine henna is not black, and the natural henna powder is always green, and it starts staining your skin as soon as the paste is applied. The Henna colour ranges from red, orange and brown. So, if the product is labelled as black henna, it contains a synthetic black hair dye that is called para-phenylenediamine. This chemical is used in photographic development. Whereas the film processing professionals wear safety gloves, eye protection and apron to deal with the chemical- applying the chemical directly over the skin is dangerous, and it can cause open sores, blistering, scarring and more such problem. 

  1. How to Get the Deepest and Darkest Henna Stain?

Since the henna paste is a dye, it creates a deep stain if it is left for long on the skin. The tattoo remains until all the layers of stained skin exfoliate naturally. So, when it comes to getting deepest stain, here are a few things to do-

  • Steaming can help to develop the henna stain better. Just boil down the water and hold the henna-tattooed skin over the steam every hour for 5 minutes. It will keep the henna moist and prevent it from cracking. When it comes to releasing the dye, just do it by heating the tattoo a bit. 
  • Leave the henna paste overnight to let it absorbed by the deep layer on the skin. Eventually, it will crack and fall off, leaving the tattoo on your hands. 
  1. Does the Henna Expire?

Henna paste will become less effective over time, especially when they are stored at room temperature. Luckily, there is no health hazard or danger related to expired henna. However, you can extend the life of your henna paste by storing it in the freezer up to 3 months.

Hope you got this information helpful to pamper yourself with henna tattoo. Upon reaching a Henna artist in Sydney, you get trendy designs and arts on your hands or other parts of your body. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a Henna Tattoo artist in Sydney and passionately writes blogs and articles to make clients aware of different facts and trending tattoo designs in Market.