Whether you need a well-paid freelance job to enjoy the freedom or you are just looking for an additional way to earn extra money, there are several freelance websites entirely dedicated to helping people find work. On these sites, employers post job offers and candidates get the chance to find their ideal work or client.
The best thing about being a freelancer is you can not only choose at what time you want to work but also how much you want to work. You do not necessarily have to wake up early in the morning to work. It would not be wrong to say that you are your own boss.

As the freelance culture evolved in the past years, you can find hundreds of freelance websites providing life-changing work opportunities for both outsourcers and job seekers. Unfortunately, some of them are not reliable, real or authentic. So, when it comes to choosing a freelance website, make sure you are careful so you can reap the benefits of professional freelancing and do not end up falling in the wrong hands. We have compiled a list of top 6 freelance websites so that you can focus on the reliable ones.

1 Upwork
Upwork is one of the best marketplaces for freelancers across the globe as it offers a collaborative space that you can use to find flexible jobs. Needless to say, it an ideal place for people who want to kick start their freelancing journey. As a freelancer, you can market your services at market competitive rates using this platform. With the help of its in-built communication channels, coordinating with the outsourcers or employers has become easier. All you need is a phone and a stable internet connection to coordinate with the clients frequently. What you can do is opt for a bundle package offered by cox. The bundle comes with cox phone and a reliable internet connection to ensure the productivity of your operations. It an excellent way for people to build up their freelance business by employers' trust along the way.

2 Freelancer.com
This site has been around for a long time, hence, it is very popular among freelancers. If you are a freelancer who is looking for different working options, Freelancer.com is the place where you can easily find a huge variety of projects in no time. Using this platform, you can bid on projects like content writing, marketing, software development, accounting, data entry, to name a few.
To get your name out there, you need to build up a strong portfolio and make connections. This is where Freelancer.com comes in! It is, without a doubt, an exceptional platform to show off what you are good at to attract future clients.

3 Fiverr
Unlike other freelance service marketplaces, Fiverr allows its users to create gigs based on their work skills and talent. The best part is, the freelancers are allowed to create gigs as low as $5. There is no need to contact the employers, all you have to do is build up your portfolio by showcasing your finished projects. If your creation sparks the interest of a potential client, they are likely to place an order. This is a great way to make a significant amount of money with fewer efforts. What is more, your personal data or information is always protected. This means that the sellers information is never shared with the third party.
Now you may be wondering how one can create killer gigs to attract clients? Just take a look at other freelancers gigs, figure out how they have created them and follow their footsteps to get started.

4 Toptal
If you are a top-performing in the field of finance, software development or design, Toptal is the right place for you! If you are a freelance professional, this freelance service marketplace will only connect you with businesses looking for top talent. In order to gain access to professional clients, you will have to complete and pass the screening process. It is mandatory to complete this intense screening process because they look for only qualified and highly-skilled freelancers who can work in critical or substantive projects.

5 Guru
Guru is a freelance service marketplace that offers professionals a hassle-free way to showcase their skills and experience so that they can be found by employers. This platform connects skilled individuals with companies across the world. With its powerful dashboard feature, the freelancers can easily communicate with their employers. This service is also responsible for streamlining all project management tasks. In turn, freelancers and employers can handle the projects better. What sets this service apart from others is that it allows its users to search their desired jobs by location or category.

6 Pay Per Hour
This platform brings people together who are either offering or seeking services related to social media, writing, designing, web and business development, etc. On this site, you will find freelancing work for free but one thing that should be kept in mind is that the competition can be very tough.
Pay Per Hour comes with a variety of features like in-app messaging, proposal viewing, invoicing and account management. With these features, freelancing becomes a whole lot easier. If you are a freelancer who is concerned if they will get a payment or not, know that there is absolutely no need to worry as you receive payment on time.

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