Are you interested in taking some creative portraits? These photos help us save unforgettable moments with the family, friends and beloved ones. But not everyone knows how to capture the beautiful portraits, that is why in this article we are willing to mention some useful portrait photography tips which can help you get the desired portrait photos.
There are not many rigid and compulsory rules in the portraits, but here are the portrait photography tips, some important and fundamental ways based on our experience you can apply.

Here are some tips of how to take portraits that you can apply.

1. Posture And Style
In addition to technical factors, posture and style are the determinants of the quality of a portrait. Whether a work is successful or not is by rationality and ingenuity of both the photographer and the subject in determining the position and style of the samples. Portrait photography has many styles and each of them aims to present the subject in a different light source. When you focus on posture and style, you will have the chance of controlling the location shooting, lighting, and layout. Or the improvisational shooting styles also that are not arranged have the subject who looks natural and less restrictive. This first one of portrait photography tips can be considered as the basement for the following tips.

2. Location
It is important to plan ahead the location where you should go to before taking a picture. Once you have selected your location, you need to pay more your attention to the area having the background for the subject suitable for the concept. When shooting portraits, you should use a wide-angle lens to get the subject site surroundings, can make up a story to get images look more attractive. Besides, remember that sometimes cluttered background will engulf the subject, leading to the layout no longer has the focal point.
Hint: You should always have backup plans in case of bad weather, such as a nearby location for shooting indoors.

3. Light
When shooting portraits in natural light, most of the photographers are waiting to "golden hour", usually in the early morning or evening with the beautiful and warm light shining on the skin. However, if you cannot wait this time, you can also capture beautiful images capture beautiful images on a cloudy day. The sky covered with clouds can be compared to a box to diffuse light (softbox), make the light softer and more beautiful. If taking indoors, remember to place your subject near a large window for indirect light. At the same time, this location can also reflect light into the eyes of the subject.
Hint: Use a reflector or a large piece of white cardboard to add more light to underexposed areas of the subject.

4. Eyes
"The eyes are the windows of the soul". This English proverb is true in cases of the portraits that the ideal focus is the subject's eyes. However, if your subject is not looking straight at you, remember to adjust the focus on the subject's eye nearest you. To take a group photo, you should use functions of photo sequence mode to make sure no one in the photo have their eyes closed.
Hint: When photographing children, use a toy attracting his eyes.

5. Depth Of Field
Low depth of field can be applied the best for portraits. It can make the background transform into a blurry background and beautiful scene while keeping the sharp subject. A user using compact DSLR camera can select a wide aperture lens, such as lens 50mm F1.8 fixed focal length, to focus the viewer's attention on the subject and hide the details of disturbing in the background. Otherwise, users having the point and shoot cameras can use F3.5 aperture value or lower, or can use the portrait mode of the machine to create the similar effects.
Hint: For PnS camera, let's expand the zoom and try shooting at nearly maximum zoom mode to get the depth of field and separate entity with the background.

6. Create Layouts
If you cannot avoid the unexpected surroundings, exploit it! You can become innovative when using tools and utensils such as arches, doorways, corridors, balconies, branches, etc to create a new layout for the surroundings of the subject, which can create the visual attention at the same time. You can also use the people surrounding to create a layout for the main subject. For example, children surrounding their grandmother during her birthday party can be used as a good layout, showing emotions of the joy and the happiness of the party.

Hint: Be sure to check the inside frame and remove the disturbing details, such as a lamppost or bushes.

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