Air Conditioner is the most common home appliance. It is a high-quality appliance that requires great care for the effective performance. Maintaining the reliable home air conditioner bournemouth is not an easy task. Once the temperature reach at a particular point we have to make sure that the AC is working well. As poor installation, lack of maintenance and incorrect services leads to the improper working of the appliance. We should always give proper attention to the maintenance part as soon as it indicates a small problem. On an average your AC runs for 15min during every cooling cycle but when this cooling cycle is increased to the 30 min or an hour, there is a chance that something is not right with the system. Here are the common problems that every homeowner faces on a regular basis.

1.Uneven Cooling Power

The uneven power can happen for different reasons. You can check it on your own as sometimes it not required maintenance but a few clever hacks. Check out all the windows and the doors and make sure they are locked properly so as to prevent the cool air from leaving the house and the warm air from entering. And when you notice it does not make any difference in cooling the room then there could be some technical issue. One such problem could be the airflow blockage. It reduces the air pressure and flow that should move throughout the room. One common mistake people make is that they buy the AC according to their budget and not according to the requirement of the room. Because a small AC in the large room will always find hard to cool the room in the extreme summers.

2.Failed to Turn On the AC

It is usually on the top of the list of fear that you turn on the AC, you hear nothing and feel nothing. If you would ever witness this condition this will be really the situation that needs all of your attention. The fault in the wiring is the most common reason for the same and is the dangerous one as it can lead to the fire hazards. If you ever notice the wiring problem be it small or large it can be addressed right away as the improper wiring can lead to the blown fuse. And for that you have to reset the circuit breaker as this could be the result of the loose wiring.

3.Ice Accumulation on the Coil

When the coil of the AC begins to freeze, this means you are facing hindered airflow. This happens when the level of refrigerant is less than the required amount and the temperature of the cooling coil drops much below the normal. Because of this the moisture of the room condenses on the coil and freezes. When this problem occurs make sure to change the air filters as this will let the air in your home to cycle throughout freely. You should make sure to maintain the refrigerant level are not too low because this results in freezing.

4.Leakage of the Refrigerant

If you notice that the AC is not cooling in spite of refrigerant charging, it can be due to the less charging or the leakage. When you find such problem of the refrigerant leakage you try to refill, but sometimes refilling is not the only solution. You can then contact a repairer who can find out the proper problem and should solve the leakage problem by filling the correct amount of the refrigerant as suggested by the manufacturer.

5.Outside Unit Problems

There are two main components of an AC- the outside unit and the inside unit. The outdoor unit contains the condenser coil, compressor, electrical parts and a fan. There are few parts that could need maintenance. When the outside fan stops working, the heat from home is no longer being transferred outside properly which results in the overheating of the compressor which in turn leads to the damage of the compressor. Although when the complete outside unit stops working then this a completely different problem that needs to be checked from the professional.

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