The businesses that have on field representatives often find issues while coordinating with the reps, reps finding difficulty in searching clients locations, a long list of data that is hard to understand, and the list goes on. To bring in more clarity and to solve all these problems at once, integrate Dynamics 365 maps to your CRM. This integration brings in so many benefits to you and your team members. Let's read more about how Dynamics 365 map integration can benefit a business.

Easy Data Analysis

The integration of Dynamics 365 maps gives you a quick summary of records in a map view. It is easy to understand and analyze the data with heat maps. It will help in having quicker insights and improve the areas with low sales. With this map view, you can have records of various geographical regions. You can also filter the areas based on profits, sales, opportunities, etc.

The heat map has different colors that show it is easy to understand and analyze. All your employees will have access to this map. The managers will have real time updates. All your employees just need to login into their account to have the map view of all the records.

Quick Data Plotting

Data plotting means to represent the data in graphical form to show relation between two or more variables. The Dynamics 365 maps allows you to plot the data on your phones as well. Using the plot function, you can plot any records based on its locations, regions or territories in a graphical form.

The managers can share this data to their team. The on field representatives can have a view at this graph and plan their day accordingly. Managing the data seats is difficult to understand, but with graphs visualization is easy.

Search Nearby Places

Your sales team spends a lot of time on the field. Through the day they might have a requirement of fuel for the vehicle, food, hospital in case of emergency, or it can be anything. The Dynamics 365 bing maps integration helps the user find nearby places. Even if they are visiting a new place, they can find the required essentials easily through the map. This will give them assurance that the thing they are looking for is at a particular distance.

Route Optimization

To increase the efficiency of your sales reps, you can save extra time on the road with route optimization. This feature in the Dynamics 365 map finds the shortest routes to minimize the driving distance. It will prepare a blueprint of all the locations that they need to visit for the day and connect them with the fastest and shortest routes. Depending on the traffic or road closures, the map will notify them about the next routes. This will help them reach the client on time. Thus, this way this map integration will help you save fuel, time, money and at the same time increase your teams productivity.

Track Check-in and Check-out

This integration will give a complete view of the check ins and check outs of all your team members on field. There are multiple benefits to this. First, you can calculate the average time spent behind meetings, traveling, and breaks. Your team can also add notes before checking out. Thus, with this feature, you can track how each employee of yours has worked. You do not have to call your employees to know the status of the meetings. In case you need to call your employee then you can check their status on the map, whether they are in a meeting or not. Thus, you can keep track of all the activities of your team members.

Smartly Target Areas 

The map allows you to form your own territories. You can color code it or draw shapes to form one. If a particular area has more clients then you can target that area to increase the number of sales. Within shorter distances, you will receive more returns. In a similar way, you will have a view of areas that have less number of clients. You can run marketing campaigns in those regions to bring awareness about your products.


The Dynamics 365 map integration helps businesses with sales teams on fields in multiple ways. The sales representatives will have a better understanding of the routes and the number of clients to visit in a day with the help of maps. All the data can be represented on the map for them to have a better view. Maps are easy to view and understand, especially on the field. You as a business owner will be able to keep track of all the sales reps, their in and out times, their meetings, feedback, etc. It simplifies the work for you and brings in more transparency and clarity.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.