Building traffic for any website is not an easy task, especially if it is new or unorganized. There can be so many reasons as to why your website is not getting enough traffic. One of the primary external reasons is the change in Google's Algorithm or ranking procedures.

However, whatever may be the reason, there is always a way around it. Here are a few things you can do to build your traffic.

1. Freshness algorithm of Google

One of the most commonly misunderstood terms used by Google is the freshness algorithm. It is not right to think that Google prefers fresh content all the time. Google takes into consideration as to what is trending in the market. Fresh content does not necessarily mean new posts. Your recently published material does not fall within the parameters of the freshness algorithm.

Moreover, when you publish your content has no connection to its ability to rank. If you think that your SEO performance will be better by simply changing the publication date, you are gravely wrong.

Freshness Algorithm from Google only seeks to target user relevance. If someone is searching for the latest news or information, he or she will be assisted by Google through this Algorithm.

2. Relevant content creation

Try to generate blogs based on currently searched topics. Creating topics that are relevant to the times we are living right now will fetch you higher web traffic. If you have a new webpage, mold your blog topics to suit the current trends and popular searches.

Popular searches include niches like entertainment, politics, and sports. Your page stands a higher chance of having a better ranking with such blog topics.

3. Change or Update?

Sometime in 2018, John Muller from Google revealed that freshness of content does not mean constant tweaking around. Instead, you should be concerned as to how you can level up the game to a whole different level.
Everything around us changes and evolve, and so does the need for updated news and information. You need to provide the latest information available on any topic regularly.

Muller had warned us in the past, saying that changing portions of content or rearranging words in the content won’t help the page rank higher up.

4. Relevance in evergreen niches

Websites devoted to creating evergreen topics can always change their game plan. Understandably, your niche may not have anything new at its core. However, there may be specific new trends getting picked up somewhere.

Do some research and figure out if someone is creating something new in any of the evergreen topics. Young websites will find it difficult if they write something about “losing weight” or “how to make the chicken.” These keywords will take anyone to websites that are already established and killing through their established backlinking prowess.

You can focus on making the chicken with a whole new recipe. There is your scope to do better than the already established sites. People are always looking to do the same thing in various unique ways. No matter how mundane the topics are, you can still rule your SEO game.

Your constant hard-work will yield results in both high and low times. All you need to do is continuously find new topics that can be relatable to the evolving time.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the fastest ways to get the ball rolling for a new website is to provide people what they might be looking for. People come on Google looking for an answer. Why not provide them with solutions? In that way, your web traffic will smear up!

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Shashank is a Content writer with over 3 years of experience in professional writing.