A wedding can be joyous and awesome. It’s a testament to love and commitment. You get to get drunk and dance and be sweaty and make out with a stranger in a photo booth. Today we’re going to tell you 5 ways that planning your wedding doesn’t have to make you go bankrupt or crazy. How do you not go bankrupt or crazy when planning a wedding?

Saving money is actually very important to me. For those of you moving into wedding planning season, or for men and women out there who are curious how to save money and sanity. Here are my top 5 tips for how not to go bankrupt or crazy when planning your wedding.

No Wedding Planner

Number one, don’t get a wedding planner! The number one thing you to do if you want to save your sanity and your money is to keep things simple. This means you don’t need a wedding planner because they make things not really simple and they’re expensive.

No Wedding Party

Number two, the wedding party is also known as planned chaos. Another thing that can get super not simple is having an elaborate wedding party. Why? Because it involves renting tuxedos, and then returning the tuxedos and getting every shoe size and then you going to get bridesmaids dresses and everybody has a different type of body and you need dresses that make the women feel comfortable but sexy.

And you know, if you’ve ever been in a wedding or been to a wedding there is always a wedding party drama. If you’re so worried that someone’s feelings are going to get hurt, if you don’t include them in your wedding party, I suggest you go to therapy or C0-Dependents anonymous to find out why you care so much about changing your life so other people are comfortable.

If you want to be honor people, have them do a reading, recite a blessing there’s a lot of other ways for people to be involved other than having to be like fit for a dress or tuxedo, remember everybody. The boy’s different. Have them help people you on the day of the wedding. They can still do wedding party type things, without them having to be part of the drama.

One of the best things about not having an elaborate wedding party is you’ll never have to talk someone off the ledge because they drank too much at your rehearsal dinner and ate too many chicken wings and now they can’t fit into the dress that you paid a lot of money to have altered to fit their body.

Ditch the Florist

Number 3 don’t get mad. Don’t use a florist. Because do you really need to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on flowers that you’re only going to use for like a couple hours? Maybe you could have a floral bouquet, but do something creative, different out of the box.

“What’d you do for your bouquet, big shot”? Save the flowers, save the planet, save money, save having to find out which flowers work best with which color of the dress.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Number 4, don’t sweat the small stuff. Weddings can bring up so many issues that you actually may not need to stress out about. Such as what style of calligraphy you like best or what shade of off-white the napkins should be.
Think about your wedding day.

Maybe it’s not your responsibility to decide who sits where. You can do open seating or you can do a couple tables with the people that you know you want there and then just let everybody else figure it out. Sure, it’s not traditional but that’s okay. And also, if a big meal is too expensive or too stressful to plan.

You can do something alternative like a buffet or you can do what a friend of mine did. Theirs is nothing wrong with that. Don’t let the details. The things that you think you should stress about, ruin the day for you and your partner. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s Your Wedding

Don’t get caught up on what your parents want. Your parents are going to tell you a lot of things that they think your wedding should look like. And a lot of people let their parents make those decisions because their parents are the ones paying for the wedding. But keep in mind that bowing to the desires of whoever’s paying is actually not free. It comes at an emotional price. So here’s is a radical idea. If you want to make all of the decisions for yourself and have it be exactly what you want, think about paying off your own wedding.

Wedding Registry

A wedding registry platform offers the couple a wide range of gifts to choose from, including appliances, décor, personal care, experiences, gift cards, charities and more! In fact, now couples have the option of creating a cash registry or adding gifts from any online store to their registry. And this gives them innumerable choices to pick from.

As we head into wedding season, try to remember what the focus of a wedding should be. To bring people together to support your union and to celebrate and create joy as you and your partner start a new life together.

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