Are you going on your first wedding shoot? If yes, then this information will help you. Nowadays wedding photography is becoming more storytelling and candid than traditional Photography. Capturing the moments and emotions is more important to make your wedding photographs memorable. Being professional candid wedding photographers based in Bangalore, we always communicate with couple’s and understand their concept of wedding photography. If you are on your first assignment and looking for wedding photography tips then here is a list of 5 top wedding photography ideas for you.

Wedding Photography Tips

The First Look
The first thing is always special whether it is meeting, hugging or kissing. Don’t miss the first moment. Capturing the groom's first look and expressions at the bride in a wedding gown is a perfect one. You can also get it done privately if the couple agrees to it.

Prefer Assistant Photographer for the Shoot
Indian weddings are a carnival of colours and big events for family members where a lot of things happen continuously and simultaneously. Capturing every moment in detail is always a challenging task for photographers. It is highly recommended to get an assistant photographer to make the task easier. Being a primary photographer you can focus on the main event and an assistant can help you with focusing on other parts of the wedding.

Keep Backup’s Ready
It is always a good idea to have a backup of your photography gears and storage cards. Being disciplined and professional with your work is a sign of a good photographer. For big weddings, it is always a good idea to carry more storage devices and batteries in case shooting hours extended. Always create two copies of the event shoot in case of failure of one storage device. For the destination wedding shoot, it is the best idea to go with extra photography gear and batteries.

Know the Couple
You are not only capturing the moments on the wedding day but you are narrating their story of love. Communicate with the couple and close once to get more information about the couple. Many times couple’s are camera cautious and nervous on shoots. It's the responsibility of the photographer to feel them comfortable and the best one from them. Also, try to understand the couple expectation from the photographer and expectation about the wedding album. Guide the couple about the photography poses and how to look fresh and photogenic on the wedding day.

Never Miss out on Small Details
A wedding album must feel like storytelling for the couple. Never miss out on small things that can make album storytelling. Small details make the album lively. Capture the entry of the bride, photos of engagement ring, bride first moment after ring ceremony are the moments must be captured. Photos which are candid and natural are the perfect one to recall the special moments. Always try to capture the candid moments of the couple. The couple definitely loves it.

To make wedding photography candid and storytelling, photographers also need to be creative and skilful. They have more idea about wedding photography than the going to be married couple. While the above tips are the sign of professional wedding photography that make your photoshoot an easy task.

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Dinesh is a professional wedding photographer from Bangalore. He is working on wedding photography and videography services.