Web application development trends keep on changing and re-shuffling. They change faster than you can imagine.

So, if you do not stay ahead of the crowd, you are going to lose the ballgame.

It is useless to ask what are the web application development trends today, you should be asking what are the trends tomorrow. If you are about to redesign or relaunch your website, be sure that you are aware of them.

As a web app development company is popular for their instability, so we need to keep a watch on the rising trends constantly. Thus, let us take a quick look at the trends that will influence- the web app development industry in 2018.

# Trend 1 - Single Page Application - Will grow strong in 2018

Single page application is rising in popularity. It was a hyped web application development trend in the year 2017 and in 2018 they are surprisingly again in trend. They perfectly work across all kind of devices, increases performance, and reduces web app developers time to build the application.

#Trend 2 - Progressive Web Apps - Rising this year

Progressive web apps development came into being in 2015 and in 2018 they seem to pose threat to native mobile apps. Progressive web apps can work offline and drives an extraordinary user experience. The users can save the shortcut to the website. As most of the information stays stored in the cache, the app loads instantly. The backend support makes sure that latest information is cached every time the device connects the internet.

PWA apps have the ability to work offline and it is one of the biggest advantages of the progressive web apps. PWA apps are gaining high traction such as "Flipkart" who tripled their conversions after the launch of PWA version of their website. Even "The Washington Post" saw increased user experience with the help of progressive web apps development.

#Trend 3 - Rise of Chatbots

Chatbots based on the artificial intelligence has increased popularity in late 2017. It is one of the gruesome web application development trends in 2018. Like Facebook bots that started communicating in their own language, making it seem that chatbots are here to transform the way we communicate online.

Chatbots as per web app developers will improve and become a radical tool for the marketing and sales most importantly.

#Trend 4 - Use of Motion UI - Upgraded for smooth animation

The animation in a website has been a major concern since ages for a web app development company. Use of animation that will load quickly and would not hamper the site speed has always been an alarming issue.

Motion UI thus makes its place in the web application development trends of 2018. Whether it is a motion UI or a GIF both works perfectly for the users as it allows web app developers to animate content seamlessly even for someone who does not have a strong knowledge in JavaScript or jQuery library.

#Trend 5 - Blockchains are something new on this list

If you are looking for web application development trends that will rule the year 2018, then you must have heard of blockchains. It is nothing but a method of storing data in thousands of computer across the world and not in a single place. You will find no intermediaries between transactions, which are verified by the complex algorithm. Since it uses a high level of security, so multinational banks consider it as important for their processes. Even various web app development company are suggesting their clients to use blockchain to make data management easier.

What’s Your Take?

It is important for any business of today to get online visibility. The website is the building block for any business rather than having a brick and mortar store. So implementing new trends while developing your website means attracting new customers, and keeping your existing customers happy etc. Thus, the web application development and come beside website development to give you a proper advantage.

If you are looking to redesign or create a new website - this list of web application development trends is sure to help you stay ahead of the game in 2018.

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Swarnendu De is the Co-founder of Innofied Solution, an Award Winning Apps, and Game Development company. Founded in 2012, Innofied is one of the fastest growing Software Development companies headquartered at Kolkata, with an extended R&D center in Pune and a client proximity center in Sacramento, CA. Innofied also owns two award-winning products AllRide Apps and MCommerce Apps that helps transport and retail industry with competence. Here, Swarnendu manages the Technical and Business Development Operations at Innofied.With over 10 years of industry experience, Swarnendu has also authored Backbone.js Patterns and Best Practices, published by Packt Publishing, UK.