The discussion on top trends in educational technology should always begin with the technologies that seemingly will revolutionise the education sector. The number 1 technology in this list right now is extended reality. The most popular extended reality, Artificial Intelligence will keep on bridging the gaps in teaching and learning. This will also help educational institutions to personalise learning for every individual student.

With students as well as teachers interacting with IoT (Internet of Things) devices and several other digital tools such as educational apps. An enormous amount of data is being gathered in education. Processing all of this data will enable corporations to personalise learning, determine interventions, and find the possible solutions to streamline the process of education.

Education is getting more mobile with each passing day. Both educational institutions and technology service providers are continuously figuring out how to enhance the learning experience with the use of mobile technology. The increasing flow of data, especially with the use of AR/VR, would require high bandwidth networks and fortunately, 5G is here. The 5G technology will provide the platform through which the users (students and teachers) will be able to access massive amounts of data. Lastly, blockchain technology will also help institutions to store data safely.

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