First, Congratulations for your big day! Organizing for a wedding is exciting, but there are important decisions that you must make for your day to be as memorable as ever. Decision on your guest list, the food to serve your guests, the wedding venue and also decorations of the venue are all stressful decisions to make. While on decorations, wedding flowers are an intimate part of the decorations and you should work with a talented florist to portray your personality in the choice of flower and flower arrangement at your wedding.

There are hundreds of flower choices for both your wedding bouquets and the actual decorations. Wedding flowers NJ will help you make a decision based on the setting of your wedding. In honor of your wedding party, we will reveal to you the 5 trending wedding flower arrangements that flowers for Weddings NJ can help you pull based on the theme and the people in your wedding.

1. The Bridal Bouquet – This is the brides’ signature bouquet that you will carry throughout the wedding ceremony. Wedding flowers NJ will help you match the types of flowers and colors in your bouquet with your wedding gown and theme. It could be an elaborate bouquet of mixed flowers or a simple bouquet of white roses. Also it can be large or small with as many as 50 flowers or as few as 10 flowers.
2. Maid of Honor Bouquet –Your maid of honor, also called your matron is your best friend who will be there with your thought the planning stage and on your wedding ceremony. You can have a florist make her a personal floral bouquet or she may just hold yours at different times during the wedding for instance when she’s witnessing you sign your marriage certificate.
3. Toss Bouquet - If you don’t want to toss your bridal bouquet like was tradition at the wedding reception, wedding flowers NJ can organize for you different smaller or larger bouquets for this purpose? Your maid of honor can carry this bouquet and you can exchange during the time for tossing and then later preserve your bridal bouquet.
4. Flower Girl Petal Bouquet – If you have a wedding girl as part of your wedding party, you can have her carry an intricately arranged flower bouquet or flower petals like those of red roses in a basket that she will spread before you walk the red carpet. A flower girl should be someone special like your little pretty niece or sister.
5. Boutonnieres – This is a simple flower pinned to the lapel of the suits or tuxedos of your groomsmen; your father and father-in-law to be, grandfathers, ushers and other important men in the wedding. This flower is like a badge that honors the men for being part of your life. You should choose the boutonnieres wisely.

The most important thing to remember with wedding flowers is that everyone should feel included. Wedding flowers NJ can help you with this challenging task of ordering fresh wedding flowers.

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