Are you in the midst of a break up? Fed up with constantly wondering, what she’s doing or who’s she’s with? Or perhaps you’re just tired of trying to get her back with no success.

Don’t worry, it is always possible to get her back, you just need to know and understand the right strategies. Follow these five tips and you’ll be on the right road to success, instead of being stuck on the roundabout.

Tip#1. Open Your Ears to What She Is Saying

It’s often mentioned that women generally just don’t know what they really want. But maybe it’s because men don’t really understand how to listen to a woman.

What you need to do is sit down and reflect upon the real reason why she broke up with you, what if the reasons she ended the relations were actually true? Was it her fault or yours? You need to study carefully on the real reason on why it halted and show that you were in the wrong and you wouldn’t do the same thing twice.

Tip#2. Confidence First

Firstly, women are attracted to men who hold vital confidence. Women would rather date somebody who knows they’re good enough for her, then somebody who will never admit it.

Do you honestly, for a second think you fall into this category of men? After relationships end, it can sometimes take your confidence with it, if you find yourself thinking ‘I’m not good enough for her’ or ‘she can do better than me’ then you need to man up!

You were with her before, weren’t you? By that simple fact alone proves you were good enough for her, so why wouldn’t you be good enough for her now? Get yourself a positive attitude before you even try to win her back.

Tip#3. Get Active

Everyone gets lazy from time to time, often more times than we care to admit. But what you need to do is to stop this. At this moment of time, you need to keep your mind and yourself busy, you can do this by getting your legs moving.

Go for a run, go to the gym or if you really don’t want to leave your house, simply go out in the backyard or walk your dog (if you have one). Basically, anything that keeps your mind fresh and occupied is good. But whatever you do, stay away from the couch!

Tip#4. No contact, really?

Having no contact, is a good way to keep the distance between you and her. But before you even consider doing this, you need to be serious about it - remember if you do it, you have to stick with it.

You also, need to know why and the reason why you are doing it. Otherwise, no contact is pointless. ‘No contact’ is just a policy to make your ex realize what she misses without you.

Tip#5. Remove Her Footprints

As we’ve already talked about confidence, you should be somewhat familiar with what this part includes. Do you feel like she’s abusing the fact you want her back? Has she got you doing things for her, you would never usually do?

She’s leaving footprints all over you, just because she knows you want her back, doesn’t mean she can take advantage of it. To fix this, you need to put on your best ‘I don’t need you’ attitude. Be firm and set fair boundaries, not just for her but for yourself too. You’re not her boyfriend anymore, so don’t act like you are.

If she see’s you doing better without her, she’ll come back. So, show her you are capable without her and you’ll see someone running faster than Usain Bolt heading straight back to you.

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