Graduating from driving institutes will fill you with dreams and endorphins of speeding into the dusk. However, it is of paramount importance for you to become a responsible driver in order to ensure your as well as other people’s safety. Here are five ways, which would help you in becoming a responsible driver when you will receive your driving license post completing the driving school and lessons.

Put away the mobile phone

After successfully completing your driving lessons and passing your driving test from a certified driving school in Blacktown you need to ensure in becoming a responsible driver by putting the biggest distraction that is your phone away while driving. It is seen that mobile phones contribute to over 80 per cent of the accidents taking place on the road. The different social media feeds act as the source of distraction, which should belong in the car and especially if you are driving. When you listen to the phone ringing, it gets you distracted, and you are unable to resist the urge of checking the phone as soon as possible.

Accidents take place in a blink of an eye, and the possibilities are higher when you are not paying attention. In order to avoid such temptation, keep the phone in a glove box or other place you feel comfortable.

Remain dry

The designated driver plays a hero on the Friday night outs. However, you must never see as if you are missing the fun. Instead, it is of utmost significance for you to make sure that you reach home safely along with your friends as well. When you complete your driving course and buy a car of your own, you will definitely have your freedom of making all these choices, which might have a positive or a negative impact on others. When you play the role of a designated driver, you must be careful and be responsible while driving.

Get insured

During the learning days, when you were not a part of any driving school or institute, you always took guidance and help from your parents. Now that you have completed your driving course and have your own car and license, you should also make sure to get your car insured. It would be a good idea for you to ask your parents for suggestions for the best insurance deal.

Reality check

Generally, overconfidence can kill. Your parents and instructor were there to keep you grounded during your driving days as a learner. However, at present, you are all on your own, and the excitement takes over as well as you cannot stop yourself from paying full attention to the street. However, you should always remember that none of the people driving is crash-proof; thus, you should never act like you are one.

Do not drive recklessly

After completing your driving course from a well-known driving school in Liverpool when you finally begin to drive on the roads, it is of utmost importance for you to keep in mind that you should never drive recklessly. When you drive recklessly, you do not just put your life on jeopardy, but the life of others on the road as well. Thus, it is essential for you to drive responsibly, keeping in mind that it is no race or chase that you have participated in.

Final Words!

Therefore, these are some of the best tips you need to follow in order to become a responsible driver after you successfully pass your driving test from a certified driving school. Also, if you are searching for an authorised driving school near Richmond, then you must opt for a driving school that has the best reviews from the past learners.


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The author is a skilled driving instructor in a certified driving school in Blacktown. Also, the author is known to give the best lessons in a renowned driving school in Liverpool. For further information on driving lessons, one can visit the author’s page.