In today’s world stress is an everlasting challenge, with the everyday rush of life it is hard to relax and take control of stress. It is not healthy to be stressful, it increases blood pressure and can lead to
heart attacks if not controlled in the proper way. There are a lot of symptoms of stress that can take your life in the wrong direction. If you have a stressful lifestyle there are indicators of unhealthy stress that you should be aware of.

Seeing Only The Negative Side Of Life

When it comes to stress this also can lead to a person that only focuses on the negative and never see's the positive side of life. Negativity is the leading cause of anger and frustration and the inability to relax.

How many people do you think are going to like the way you see life if you are always talking about negative aspects. When you come home from a hard days work, do you start off by complaining about your day, and not embracing your spouse or loved one. This is the first sign of negative stress and steps toward becoming unhealthy.

Negative thoughts and actions can lead to personal unhealthy relationships, with loved ones, work companions, family, and friends. When you can't focus on the positive and only the negative this is a sure sign of negative stress.

Constantly Worrying

If you are always worrying about upcoming situations or events this can be a symptom of unhealthy stress. We all worry in life, but if there becomes a saturation of worry this is when we should evaluate ourselves, and what is causing the worry.

Normal worry is OK, for example, worrying about your kids when they are on their first sleep over. Unnatural worry is obsessive worry, for example always worrying about others and what they think of you or always feeling like nobody wants to involve themselves with you. This is unnatural worry and is very unhealthy it can be caused by an overload of stress.

Work and relationships are the #1 stressors’ that cause worry in the world today. If you find yourself constantly worrying about these it is a symptom of stress.

Impaired Judgment

Decision making is a big part of life, and making the right choice when necessary is critical to being stress free. A major symptom of stress is not being sure if you judgment about a particular decision was the right one.

When you find yourself turning the wrong corner in life in abundance and making wrong decision that can effect your surroundings, this can be caused by unhealthy stress. decision making should be natural, and yes we all make mistakes, but to be creating a lot of mistakes in a short period of time is not natural and needs to be addressed. Try to evaluate your decisions and learn from mistakes do not dwell on bad decisions this is what leads to negative stress.

Depression Or General Unhappiness

If you are sad, angry, or just plain unhappy in an obsessive way this can be a sign of high negative stress in you life. Depression is a force that many of us have to deal with and can be directly related to the major stressor's in you life.

Life is too short, as we all have heard a lot, and to be unhappy and depressed is not at all healthy. Stress magnifies this and causes your emotions to fluctuate, becoming unbalanced. A humans natural defense to depression is to release endorphins and when stress gets in the way these natural solutions are blocked.

It is hard to control your stress levels but is nessicary. To fight against depression we need to learn how to handle stress first and then we can look into handling depression. If your stress levels are decreased your defense mechanisms will begin to function normally, and over time your body will naturally be happier.

Stress is a killer and to learn how to control it is what we need to focus on. Realizing the symptoms of stress can get you closer to living a happier more fulfilled life. So what I suggest is to take a closer look into what effects you on a day to day basis. If you can pin point the symptom start to organize a way to change it. Don't try and solve all of the problems at once, start with the easiest solution and work from there.

There are a lot of people out there that you can talk to about your particular symptoms of stress, and there is medication you can take for some of these symptoms (which I don't recommend.) There are natural remedies as well that can help with symptoms of stress and I would recommend these over any type of pill out there. Human interaction and natural healing is your best bet to curing your stress factor indicators in life.

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