Most people will quiver at the mention of skating, but this is only because they view it as an activity for the young and wild millennials. Interesting though, skating has been around for quite some time.

So, what exactly is skating? It is a leisure activity that involves drifting on hard surfaces like roads, pavements or on ice using footwear specially made for the sport.

Skating can be predated back to 3000 BC and has since evolved over time to gain its popularity around the world.

Skating is categorized majorly based on the surface which the participant rides. The three major categories are:

Snow skating

This is a kind of skating in which participants use a hybrid of skateboard and snowboard and ride on snow.

Ice skating

The second category is ice skating where individuals move on ice using special skates. It involves speed, tour and figure skating. Ice skating has been viewed as one of the best skating sport category to for competitions.

The figure skating participants come as individuals, duos or groups and can compete all the way to the Olympics. Figure skating must be choreographed in a manner that participants synchronize their movements and work as a team.

Hard Surface Skating

The third category is the hard surface skating which has sub categories such as roller skating with use of roller skates, inline skating where participants race on inline skates and skateboarding among others.

This category and especially the skateboarding is the most accepted worldwide and is becoming one of the most common hobbies among the young.


Skating was previously known or associated with negativity where skateboarders were viewed as uncouth people who would skate in public places thereby disturbing peace.

Skating was also widely associated with punk music in the US and hence its fame. The view on skating has changed over the years. It has become accepted as the skating community all over the world continues to grow.

There are big skating terrains both in and outdoors all over the US encouraging the sport. Travel anywhere in the world and you are sure to spot skateboarders riding and performing tricks on their boards. Skating is viewed as a sport that unifies many.

Full acceptance of the sport was noted this year when the Tokyo 2020 Olympics commission gave a provision for skateboarding in the Olympics for the first time in history time.

This is a move that has made the skating community elated since this means they are finally being recognized.


Enties Skatepark

Enties skatepark of Lake forest is one of California’s largest free skateparks spanning on 40,000 square ft. The park however is yet to get the planned expansion of up to 25,000 square ft making it the largest park in the country.

Hollywood Skatepark

This is an outdoor park located in Las Vegas on a 29,000-square ft. space. The skating park features well build concrete bowls, stairs and ledges. This park is best suited for pro skaters since many beginners will have a hard time navigating the dep bowls.

Vans Skatepark

This park is in Orange California and serves as both indoors and outdoors skaters. Located on a 46,000-square ft. space, the park is open to all skaters, whether beginners or pros and they also offer private and public lessons. More so, this was the home of the Vans Park Series a competition that seeks to promote the skateboarding culture in parts of the world.

Skatepark of Tampa (S.P.O.T)

The skatepark of Tampa in Tampa Florida has been in operation since 1992 is one of the top skateboarding parks in the east coast. The park has gained a reputation for its annual Tampa Pro skating competitions which were initiated in 1994.

Denver Skatepark

The park sits on 60,000 square feet of concrete terrain being one of the largest skateparks in the US. It offers different challenges of all levels for the skaters who come from all over the town to the park.

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