PlatinX Exchange is an automated trading platform for crypto trading. PlatinX Exchange trading app is user-friendly and simple to operate with specially designed intuitive interface. Read all about PlatinX Exchange Trading and Top 5 reasons to choose PlatinX Exchange Trading App.

All you need to know about PlatinX Exchange

PlatinX Exchange is a decentralized crypto trading platform. It is registered in India and follows the Indian crypto regulations. PlatinX Exchange is one of a kind instant exchange where transactions are done through Peer-to-Peer methodology. This means that you can contact sellers directly or quote you sell prices on the platform for buyers to contact you. The whole process depends on Smart Contract and there is no need of an intermediary or central authority. When the conditions are met, smart contract is executed and funds are released from the Escrow account.
This helps in maintaining transparency in trading while keeping both parties secure. Moreover, the transactions are economical because of direct transaction process. PlatinX Exchange is available on web and through trading app (Android and iOS).

Top 5 reasons to choose PlatinX Exchange Trading App

1. Fee and Deposits – When it comes to digital assets trading, fee is a huge barrier for beginners. Around 40% of potential traders do not enter the markets due to high fees and deposits. PlatinX Exchange trading app solves that by charging lowest fee as compared to other trading apps. Initial deposit is also low so that beginners can easily enter crypto trading.

2. Location – Most crypto exchanges are decentralized. However, users are wary of these exchanges because of the location. When you are trusting someone with your money, you should always choose someone locally. Someone who will obey your jurisdiction laws and would apply them. Therefore, it is always best to choose a trading exchange present locally. PlatinX Exchange is registered in India and abides by India crypto regulations. Hence users have not to worry about location or changing crypto laws.

3. Customer Support – Customer experience is the one thing that can make any trading app a hit or a miss. To provide best customer support, PlatinX Exchange trading app has many options. They have online mail support and in-app chat option for direct talking with customer care executive. Customers support is highly important for any trading activity especially for beginners.

4. Supported Fiat and Tokens – PlatinX Exchange trading app supports Indian currency to make it easier for local users. You can transfer Indian fiat to the trading app account and enjoy crypto trading. Moreover, you can easily trade in a large number of tokens available at PlatinX Exchange. It is a highly liquid trading market.

5. Market Data and Feeds – Another feature which makes an app a top trading app is real-time market data and data feeds from various exchanges. PlatinX Exchange trading app provides both and data from market aggregators too. The charts are intuitive and easy to understand. The analytics help users stay updated on the performance of crypto assets.


PlatinX Exchange is legal and reliable trading app that can be easily accessed through smart phones or other internet devices. It has high accuracy, allowing traders to enjoy the benefits of crypto asset trading without paying exorbitant fees. This platform is ideal for novice traders and crypto professionals and ensures high security. These are the reasons why you should choose PlatinX Exchange Trading App.

Author's Bio: 

Manoj Kumar is an security manager of Platinx Technologies Private Limited from Singapore.