The train was rushing at its full speed towards the destination and with every passing second, their eyes were becoming heavy. Heavy because of sadness and worry. and why not. Isn't it challenging for a parent to send their children apart from them? But what to do? It's about their kid's future and after all, every bird has to fly someday. That's integral and people are bound to do that, the real challenge comes when they have to decide where to live in the new city. Being a student as well as a student's parent is always full of and these challenges don't end when it comes to leave home for studies and choose a place to stay without parents. Despite a lot of options, hostels in some ways, prove itself as the best place to stay for a student in Patna and here are a few reasons why you should stay in a hostel.

1. Safety and Security- Either it's for a school going kids or a job seeker. Either it's a male or a female, hostels are safer than other options. Hostels in Patna provide facilities such as security guards, attendance register, entry and exit timings, local visitor's phone numbers and addresses and these facilities make it a safer place to reside. Other than this, Hostels also provide a 24 hours service that gives their residing a medical facility if they fall ill anytime. These facilities provide a sense of security in the mind of the parents too who are much more stressed than the students. The feeling that their children are at a safe stay makes them sleep in peace.

2. Time-saving and proximity to the institutions- Hostels are a better option for working professionals as it saves a lot of time as they are free from the stress of cooking and cleaning. All these facilities are given and taken care of by the hostel administration and as a result, they get more time for their studies and timely food makes them not think about meal preparation much. Their concentration is solely on their studies. Other than this, there are number of boys and girls hostels available easily near all the study institutions in a city and thus it saves a lot of time and money for the students.

3. A disciplined approach to the daily routine - Here some of the top Hostels located in Patna which provide meals at given regular time intervals. Breakfast is served at 8 am in the morning, lunch at 1 pm and dinner by 8:30 or 9 pm in the evening. The residing in a hostel adjust and plan their daily routine accordingly and it provides them with a disciplined approach to live and maintain a daily routine.

4. A friendly social environment - Hostels provide a good and jovial environment to stay with each other. Students help each other in hard times when they know their families are not there. Other than that, hostels organize small functions from time to time that let students enjoy. This kind of environment provides a happy and refreshing vibe for the students.

5. Budget-friendly and convenient- Have you ever tried planning the monthly budget? Groceries, accounts, menu, purified water, etc. The plates are full of tasty dishes at the start and empty plates in the month-end. To skip all these stress staying in a hostel is more budget-friendly and convenient than any other option when compared. A decent hostel costs around 5000 to 7000 in which all the facilities including lodging, food, safety, water supply, Filtered drinking water are implied. Other than these facilities, Some higher budget hostels also provide a washing machine and self kitchen facility. Students just have to pay a given amount to the hostel authority and they are free from the management part. All they have to do is to eat and relax, even if they are empty pocketed, they won't die hungry.

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