With the real estate industry adapting to virtual tours and live open houses, it’s not a surprise that agents around the world are diving in to get a taste of it too. Real estate viewings in the virtual world have been gaining momentum and seem to be progressing with an amazing pace.

From those who own small real estate businesses to the who’s-who of the sector, everyone is flocking to social media to kickstart their profession or expand it by means of virtual real estate viewings.

Like everything else in our lives, the pandemic has impacted the construction and real estate industry in a wide variety of ways. In the residential marketplace, demand has remained strong, driven by homebound residents who are feeling a strong desire for change – whether that be for a home with a pool, one with more space for families that are now living and working side-by-side, or a desire to relocate to less populated areas.

Real estate agents have grabbed this opportunity to make the most of the situation and have begun to resort to social channels to showcase the areas they serve in a more tasteful manner. Realtors have been churning out one virtual tour after another to attract buyers from all over the world. This kind of reach has further multiplied their chances of getting a good client base.

But there are a few realtors who are probably new to the business or want to seek inspiration on what to do when it comes to live real estate viewings. Well, look no further. Below is a list curated specially for you about the top 5 hottest real estate accounts on Instagram, which you can follow and get the motivation that you need – whether you’re buying or selling.

  1. Realestate_academy

This is one of Instagram’s most popular real estate accounts and has a following of over 140,000. It displays beautiful photography while slotting in professional development posts and audience engagement – there’s lots of inspiration to be found here! Be sure to check them out.

  1. Beginninginthemiddle

This is a fabulous account dedicated to low cost/high drama renovations and a great page to recommend if you’re trying to sell a ‘fixer-upper’. Some of the transformations shown on the account are simply incredible and an excellent visual reference if you’re trying to help a client see the potential in a property.

  1. Jamesgallo_com

If it’s brand-building inspiration you’re looking for, this is the account for you to follow. This Beverly Hills-based realtor gets all of his contact information into each post as well as his hashtags. That’s something that not many real estate professionals follow on their pages.

  1. Tom Ferry

Tom Ferry is one of the most renowned and respected real estate coaches out there and shares tons of free real estate marketing content to help improve your business. You’ll find loads and loads of Instagram stories on his page. He also uses his Instagram account as the primary hub to connect with all of his followers, so be sure to check out the comments section on his Instagram account. It is great for engaging, networking and connecting with other agents.

  1. Brendacamachorealtor

If you go on her Instagram page, you’ll notice how amazingly she handles her personal branding. She finds a tasteful way to incorporate herself into her visuals without becoming the focal point. She may not have many followers, but her engagement is the thing to observe here – it is equal to other real estate accounts with 10x as many followers. She knows her target audience well and goes to great lengths to reach out.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Instagram-inspired by these top 5 real estate agents! From what they're posting, to how they utilize the platform to show off listings and share ideas with their audience, you can glean some easy tips on how to run your own platform. You can also observe other realtors and how they carry out their live real estate viewings to get motivated.

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