However, the speaker must be humorous and witty so that their speech appears to be intellectually entertaining to the audience. Keep your focus on this particular issue while you are meeting with the professional MC for the first time to assess whether they possess the level of intellect or not.


There is no place of shyness while the wedding MC is on the centre stage asking for the attention of the guests. They must expressive regarding their thoughts. However, that does not mean they need to babble all the time. Their expression should be full of intellect and articulation. Consider eloquence as one of the essential qualities that you need to check in a professional master of ceremonies.

Engaging Speaker

Make sure you get to know the content of the speech before the professional wedding MC for reception hits the floor. The content needs to be quite engaging and smart enough to get the attention of the guests. Hand gestures and body language are the two factors that every wedding speaker should utilise to make sure each of the invitees can connect with the content they are presenting.

Time Management

Unlike public speakers, the wedding MC needs to follow a strict timeline to make sure introduction and speech about the event are expressed adequately without crossing the time limit. Following a compact script and being clever with the way of expression is the considerations that bind the speakers within a strict time frame and prevent them from overlapping with the timing of any of the other events.

Emotional Intelligence

The wedding is an event where plenty of emotions are juxtaposed over each other, and the speaker is required to bring out the emotional essence through the speech. Be it of the parents giving away their daughter or the newly married couple who are probably deciding to settle down after years of dating; the emotions keep on blowing in the wind. Therefore, the speakers must make themselves aware of the little things and present in front of the audience accordingly.

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