Here Is the List of Top 5 Possible Couple Matchups in One Piece


Right now I just want to say one thing regarding the relationship of both Nami and Sanji is that- Run my boy Sanji, You’ll get one heck of a wife in Nami-swan. She is the dominating in between like every other female character. But jeez she doesn’t back down from beating the hell out any crew member onboard, especially Sanji. Other than the pervy nature of Sanji, Nami certainly thinks highly of his area of expertise like his chivalry, cooking and fighting. There are many moves of Sanji that are highly influenced by Nami like Sexy Fire or Sexy mouton Kick.


When the first time they both met things really didn’t look good. Robin easily overpowered Zoro and knocked the swords off his hands, that’s quite a feat to achieve as we saw Zoro that vulnerable in front of anyone before that. Zoro still eyed Robin as a suspicious figure when she joined the crew and was literally opposed to her. But things changed over the period of time and the entire series is filled with some cute moments along the road.

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Now this a wild shot! As per Hancock she is already married to Luffy, while Luffy rejects the whole idea and even said straight face to Boa that he won’t marry her, giving Hancock run for her money. Despite that Hancock still lauds for Luffy and in future things might change for them.


Usopp grew up with Kaya and since childhood has loved and cared for her. When Kaya fell sick, it was Usopp who kept her entertaining by his tale of lies. As the days passed she showed some improvement in her health and began to wait for her desperately. When Usopp was about to leave the village, Kaya promised him that she’ll become a doctor and treat Usopp when he’ll return back.


For now, the relation between smoker and Tashigi is that of an official one. Smoker is the Vice-Admiral in the ranks while Tashigi serves as the captain of G-8 and a subordinate of the smoker. They have always remained together since they were first introduced in the series at Loguetown. Tashigi had been shown on many occasions caring for Smoker and the Vice-Admiral to make sure to put Tashigi out of harm’s way. It’s still not clear whether they have feelings for each other or they just do it due to them being master and subordinate.

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