1) Not shopping around - It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time to shop around for Pennsylvania car insurance. Many people will just go with a company near their home, a car insurance company their parents have used, or with an agent who is a friend. This may not always be the best option since you may not be obtaining the cheapest policy possible. A good solution is to utilize an internet site to obtain a Pennsylvania auto insurance quote. This saves you time and money since you can get the quotes from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to spend countless hours the time either driving or calling each insurance company to get a quote, instead – you let leading insurance companies compete for your business, which will ultimately save you money on your premium.

2) Not asking for discounts – There are many discounts available from your insurance company. You might as well try and take advantage of them. Some of the most popular discounts are for having anti-theft devices, taking a defensive driving class, having multiple cars insured with the same company, and even a discount for your child having good grades. Take a look at your current insurance policy to see if you are receiving any discounts.

3) Getting the minimum coverage – You may or may not want to get the minimum coverage for your car insurance. It really depends on your current financial situation. You may need to ask yourself a few questions such as: What will happen if an accident exceeds my coverage limit. How will I be able to afford to pay for the difference? Are the minimum coverage limits really satisfactory? This is one of the main factors in determining how much your Pennsylvania car insurance will cost. One thing to do is to get quotes with various coverage levels to see if you can afford a policy with higher limits. Maybe you can take advantage of other discounts to be able to afford a better policy.

4) Not understanding your policy features and benefits – It is very important to understand the terms and coverage’s of your insurance policy so you understand how your policy works and what will happen in the event you need to use it. Some common questions you may want to ask are: How do you file a claim? What is your overall financial risk in the event of an accident? What does tort mean and how does it impact you? What happens if you are involved with an uninsured or underinsured motorist?

5) Lying on the application – This is just called insurance fraud plain and simple. One common lie is your address or your child’s address. Let’s look at two different examples. First, you are away at college, you own a car, yet you are still using your parent’s address since it is cheaper for you. Second, you have graduated from college, you have moved to a city for a job, and you continue to use your parent’s address for your policy since you have jumped around from apartment to apartment, plus the rates are cheaper if you use your parent’s address. Both are examples of insurance fraud in my opinion.

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Matt Middleton has been in the financial services field for over 10 years helping people with the overall financial picture. He has also developed a website to allow consumers to obtain FREE Pennsylvania car insurance quotes by having car insurance companies compete for your business. http://www.pennsylvaniaautoinsurancequotes.com