With growing technologies, the businesses have got diverse set of choices to opt from, and the right kind of technology apt for your business is what makes the difference in the market today. DevOps is a cross departmental integration and collaboration between three departments: Quality Assurance Dept; IT operation Dept and Development Dept, that promotes the methods and set of processes for business growth. DevOps team has become a key element in the IT company and it has become essential for the employees to have DevOps skills. Let us discuss the best online resources for DevOps.

Edureka: The Online DevOps course provided by Edureka helps the students attain in-depth knowledge in Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Continuous Deployment, Continuous monitoring and Continuous Delivery with the helps of DevOps tools such as Docker, Chef, Git, Puppet, Nagios and Ansible in the process of automation of SDLC multiple steps. The key features offered by the resource are its instructor led sessions with online interactive course, The implementation of real life case studies in the process of learning, The students get a lifetime access of the LMS and working on projects for Edureka would gain you certification.

Simplilearn.com: There are two kinds of courses offered by Simplilearn on its site. One is for the individuals to enroll and the other is for businesses known as the 'Corporate training solutions'. The main features offered by Simplilearn are 32 hours of training led by skilled instructors, 16 hours of practice assignments, more that 18 live demos on the course, hands on projects and mock tests from time to time. The courses are designed for developers, Architects, Operation support and Technical project managers.

Koenig India: The training provided by Koening includes the compendious concepts, principles and practices that aid in the resolution of the tussle created by lack of communication and disassociation between the operation department and the development department in an organization. The Website offers 24x7 customer support to the prospecting trainees. The DevOps training offered by the website helps the individuals as well as business organizations to build the relation between development and operation teams.

JanBask: JanBask has been providing quality technical training since 2007 in various IT technologies including DevOps. The Various challenges faced by the DevOps teams are real, but manageable as well. In an IT company there are N number of problems that arise in the software development department, hence a skilled DevOps skill is requisite for a team that manages the relations. JanBask has the history of training students from over 20 countries online, keeping up with the modern technological advances the curriculum courses keep updating at JanBask.

CBT Nuggets: The DevOps team takes up the stress of collaborating between the development team and the IT operation team and to automate workflows and infrastructures. CBT Nuggets provides training in cloud-based services and devOps tools that improve the efficiency. The course of the training includes Amazon Web service, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud platform from the introductory phase to the advanced level. The instructors are the USP of the resource providing the best training to the students.

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