Gambling online by playing games and applying skills of creative minds have been a great source for players to earn bucks in Malaysia. And for players to get some hard-earned money for themselves using their gaming skills is surely a great opportunity that should be grabbed by them without any delays. Now, there are a vast amount of sources of playing games online. But which one's are the best?

Hence, to help you out with selection, we have listed down details regarding some Top 5 online games in Malaysia. You will get to know what these games have to offer and what are their specific specialties.

1. Betway Casino:

Betway casino gives players rewards the moment they register themselves in this gaming field. This gaming slot does not only have a huge amount of games for players to play according to preferences.

Moreover, the gaming platform has been made secure and safe for players or gamblers to invest their valuable money as people of all countries cannot access it. But of course, Malaysians are allowed to access. The age limit of 18+ that have been set by the platform has been done for good so that only players with matured minds can have the permission to play.

2. BitStarz Casino:

Getting rewards with free spins without making any deposit initially when a player registers for the first time is surely a mesmerizing offer. Players are offered 20 free spins on a regular basis throughout their playing days in the casino of BitStarz.

The casino also offers up to 30 games that offers jackpots that players can hit if the day they play is very lucky for them. The chances of hitting jackpots have been made sure to allow almost all winners to win for equality.

Furthermore, to make sure that the people playing in the casino are genuine players for security maintainance they take a minimum of 20 Euros/$ as a qualifying deposit to begin playing. Moreover, you will also be getting a bonus on the deposits that are made. To add more, you need not worry regarding the software of your mobile phone. The games of this casino can be played on both android and IOS.

3. Guts Casino:

Guts casino allows players to try a lot of varieties. It allows players to bet on slot machines, table games, poker games, and sports as well. Besides all this, it does have a huge number of games to allow players to select from according to their own taste.

Furthermore, guts casino is famous for having a welcome package that allows players to enjoy bonuses when they register themselves in the casino. The payouts that gamblers win through betting are surely given out really quick for their confidence to boost up and for them to enjoy their earnings. The casino also provides the players to test out the slot machines for free without taking any sort of additional charges.

4. 918Kiss Casino:

918kiss Casino is well known in Malaysia because of having games that are fun and very entertaining for gamblers to play. Not only this, the number of games that the casino has in the slot is huge in numbers and each game has different themes and visuals for players to enjoy. Hence, players can select games according to their own choice.

The bonuses that the games of this slot are attractive and also encourage them to keep on playing even if they face losses for some misfortunate reasons. The rewards that the casino offers are equally awarded for giving all players a chance to win so that their self-esteem gets boosted up.

To add more, the robust security system ensures that there is no sort of integration from any third parties so that the money of gamblers is kept safe.

5. William Hill Casino:

The industry of gambling has known William Hill Casino for several years. It is a favorite place of gamblers who are well experienced and always bet on by investing big. Moreover, the best thing regarding this casino is that it provides new players a welcome bonus of up to 300 pounds/ dollars/ euros.

Definitely, it has attractive games of different types that keep players entertained. And while playing games gamblers always get chances of hitting jackpots or getting amazing rewards. Anyone who fancies table games will surely have a great time betting in this casino because of the up to 160x bonus opportunity that it gives.


To sum up, each of the top 5 online games in Malaysia has different specialties and rewards to offer. Gamblers can surely find their own preferable casino amongst these 5 and they will definitely get their excellent gaming skills awarded.

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Marcia Jordan is a Health Lifestyle writer contributing health-related articles to various International News outlets. When she doesn't work, she loves to play table tennis or walk in the evening.