Venezuela seems to have collected all the uniqueness and also the attractiveness on the planet. Located at the Caribbean with tons of all-natural areas, fascinating cities, brilliant mountains, and gorgeous Venezuela hotels, it is a region to be wondered at and enjoyed.

There are plenty of things that you may do and numerous regions that you can visit but here is a list of the TOP 5 most attractive and enjoyable things that you can do while visiting Venezuela.

1.Caribbean Horseback Riding- Horseback riding can only be experienced on Margarita Island. There's almost nothing more fascinating than discovering this gorgeous island on the back of a horse. There are numerous groups presented that cater to all sorts of riders no matters if they're beginners or the more experienced riders. The beaches and mountains are all yours to discover. Far west of the island there are lots of places that may cater to this experience.

2.Cave Hiking in Cueva del Guacharo- Cueva del Guacharo was established as Venezuela's first national monument in 1949 and there is nothing like cave hiking here. The limestone cave is the heart of the whole park as well as the reason that people come from all over the world to experience it. Oil birds can be observed inside the chambers. These are fruit eating animals that are generally nocturnal. Nearby you'll find accommodation options in cosy hotels in Venezuela.

3.River Trip and Sight Seeing- Angel Falls-Angel Falls was discovered in 1933 by Jimmie Angel who was an aviator flying around this region in Canaima Park looking for an ore mine. It is the tallest waterfall of the planet at 3,212 feet, which tends to make it surely not easiest to get to. When the weather is cloudy it's hard to see. Angel Falls are in jungle area having charming vegetation and it is a sight not to be missed.

4.Cable Car Riding, Merida- there is nothing much like the longest and highest cable car system placed over Venezuela's fantastic terrain. The system was created in the '50s for the use of tourism. The autos themselves were actually made in France after which sent over to Venezuela promptly. Just under eight miles, running over terrain that involves lush jungles, canyons, sheer rock faces, and charming waterfalls, this hour long ride is the most attractive and exhilarating experience one can imagine.

5.River Expeditions, Orinoco Delta- The Orinoco Delta is a lovely place to experience a river expedition. Strong boats are used to get as far as can be reached inside the delta. When passage is not possible anymore then it is dug out canoes for you. Howling Monkeys and golden macaws are heard constantly, as well as the sight of wetlands and native villages. Nighttime expeditions and piranha fishing are unforgettable experience.

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