When it comes to digital marketing, Google becomes the synonym of uncertainty. Once business owners get a gist of the digital marketing strategies to adopt in their upcoming campaign, Google takes the digital marketers by surprise. But that’s what the digital era is all about, right? Being prepared for Google’s updated algorithms is an action you can’t procrastinate for long if you wish to keep your internet presence efficiently intact. On that note, let us take a look at some important Google Algorithm latest updates and buck up for unexpected changes or challenges that might come in the way.

1. Mobile-First Indexing For Enhancing Website Interface For Mobile Users

Since the advancement in technology, smart-phone internet users have drastically increased. This increment has been so tremendous that Google decided to shift its focus to mobile users and websites which needs to be mobile friendly. A few years back, Google announced that it is going to increase priority towards mobile users and the time has come. Google is now using a mobile first approach while crawling websites.

For website owners, this means that if their website response is compromised on a mobile device, their traffic might decline. This makes it even more important to optimize websites and make the interface as mobile-friendly as possible.

2. Featured Snippets Under The Radar

From reviews, event dates, to reviews, lists, and answer boxes, featured snippets are available in different forms above the regular Google search results. If you can get your site to rank for featured snippets, you are going to achieve a quick boost to your traffic. Structured data makes a site more visually appealing and that is exactly what Google is giving preference to.

3. Enhancement of Voice Search

The number of people using voice search as their primary method of internet surfing is constantly on the rise. Over a few years, the count has significantly increased. Thanks to Google Assistant, Cortana, and Alexa, the trend isn’t going to decline. Voice search changes predictions in words and phrases as users tend to ask complete questions while performing a voice search.

4. More Importance To Linkless Testimonials

There was a time when a site with quality backlinks was considered as the king of the internet. Whereas the importance of links pointing to a site can never be left unacknowledged, it is not the sole criteria to boast. According to the latest update, Google is going to give more preference to unlinked mentions, that is, testimonials and reviews of a site for ranking.

5. Making Security The Top Priority

Sites with an SSL certificate are going to rank higher than those without one. Google has also announced that it is going to take action against sites that don’t have this security feature. Thus, it is essential for all website owners to enable encryption of the information entering and leaving the site’s server.

Wrapping It Up

By now, you must have an idea about how you can modify your strategies accordingly. Another thing that the Google Algorithms are famous for is that they are always under wraps and things never seem crystal clear. Moreover, their ever-changing nature makes it difficult for the SEO team to cope up with unexpected updates. The best way to stay ahead of the competition is to keep yourself updated with changes and adapt accordingly.


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