Skin bears it all for us. Right from harsh effects of the environs, to pollution, to chemicals and what not. Each day skin is subjected and exposed to variety of things which makes it susceptible to rashes and inflammations. Sometimes it is hard to find the cause of these days to day allergies but here’s a list of some of the most common skin irritants that trouble skin.

1. Cosmetics – This is one of the most common skin irritant causes. There are plenty of skin care products to choose from. If you feel a burning, stinging sensation rashes or itching after applying a product then you could be allergic to that product. Common chemicals that cause skin allergies

1- Ascorbic acid
2- Paraban preservatives
3- Alpha hydroxy acids
4- Glycolic acid
5- Malic acid
6- Llactic acid

Remedies – Always perform a skin patch test before using any product. If there is a rash or allergy developing, immediately stop using that product. Most people are allergic to fragrances. Avoid cosmetics which have excessive fragrance.

2. Natural Flora – People who are allergic to natural flora and plants can get inflammations and skin rashes even with a slightest touch. Here is a list of common plants to which people are allergic; none of them have been reported to be fatal.

1- Stinging Nettles
2- Poison Ivy
3- Poison Oak
4- Poison Sumac
5- Common Ragweed
6- Giant Ragweed

Remedies - If you love gardening or hike often among nature, do take appropriate measure to protect yourself. Wear protective clothes and apply protective ointments. If the sting from the plants is too much to bear wash with lukewarm water and see a medical practitioner immediately.

3. Artificial Jewellery – The nickel in the artificial jewellery sometimes is hurting for skin causing Nickel dermatitis. It becomes a big problem for people who have sensitive skin causing red rashes, boils or small marks.

Remedies –You can coat jewellery with nail paint enamel to make it act like a barrier stopping direct skin contact. Always prefer jewellery made of sterilized stainless steel. If gold and sliver don’t suit, you can use Platinum based jewellery. Washing artificial jewellery before using it is another good alternative.

4. Different Household Cleaners – There is plenty of chemical menace at your homes in form of various cleaners. These cleaners are laden with heavy chemicals which cause skin irritation on repeated exposure. Ammonia and Isopropanol are common in windows and glass cleaners. They are highly caustic on skin. Then the automatic detergent for dishwasher and washing machine are extremely harsh on skin causing deep scaling and dry skin.

Remedies – Avoid direct contact with household cleaners. Wear cloves while cleaning. If there is a more convenient and skin friendly substitute, it is better to go with it.

5. Soaps – Another most common of skin irritant after cosmetics. You wash hands with soap to make them clean and fresh. But it could end up giving you mighty skin irritation in form of rashes, itches and scaling. Body soap contains surfactants that help to remove grime and dirt when it mixes with water. Fragrance or a particular ingredient in soap could be another reason for skin irritation.

Remedies – Use body soap or body cleanser that are mild and not harsh in its use of ingredients. Next time you buy a body soap try buying a natural ingredient based products. Don’t wash hands too frequently, as they this tends to dry skin quicker.

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In this article Keats describes how even small skin irritants can cause major problems and skin infections.