The greatest spiritual awakening comes with us breaking free from the glass-bottles of ego, as horizons expand, different cultures imbibe, and faraway travels happen. A travel like Thailand.

The ‘land of smiles’, in the furthest Eastern seas, is a place to let go and embrace the silence and peace amidst the unblemished nature. Also, it is a site of learning of how to celebrate life. Thailand is ‘the’ place for a yogi, a seeker, a wanderer traveling towards an eternally joyful experience. The scopes for spiritual pursuits in Thailand will amaze and allure even the most unmotivated minds.

Come, experience—

Hermitage in the Forest Depths: The provincial government of Thailand reserves the ‘forest parks’ (forests which are too small to be considered national parks) of the country under separate legislation, allowing no developmental practice within their bounds. This is a special measure for conserving the natural scenic value of these places.

Removed from the hustle of the world, these sites are ideal for the pursuit of an idyllic life. You will find many ecologic retreats in the provinces of Chiang Rai and Pak Song providing yoga and meditation retreat homes. These are the places of the highlight for a silent retreat in Thailand. An idyllic aboard, homegrown food, yoga with the bests, walking along nature trails, and embracing the silence—that’s what life is going to be like as long as you stay.

Surfing Into the Setting Sun: The flip side of the forests in this land is the ocean blues. The Andaman Sea to the South has gifted Thailand with a number of glittering islands and a serene coastline. Some of the world’s most cherished beautiful sea destinations are here. Though most famous for wild party scenes, low season surfing in the west coast of provinces like Phuket is still a thing.

Since the surfing crowd is not as high as that in Hawaii, Sidney, or Biarritz, it’s the lone spendthrift paradise. Check into a surf retreat and ride the long waves at Nai Harn, Kata, or Kalim Beaches of Phuket.

Open yourself up to the experience of measuring the sea tide not in feet and inches but in the increments of exhilaration. Let your spirits soar!

Finding Salvation in Service to the Needy : Spiritual Retreat in Thailand also furnishes one with the option of being in service. The discipline of yoga highlights the need for karma yoga or selfless service to salvage and seek emancipation. It is a highly spiritually-charged pursuit that can be fulfilled in the indigenous societies of Thailand.

You can teach at local schools, provide medical facilities for the poor, or work at animal shelters, all for the satisfaction of your soul and no other reward will be greater.

Healing From the Inside with Holistic Treatments: Modern medicine often makes a mockery of healing by making the sufferer dependent on side-effects-ridden chemical drugs and invasive technology. The wisdom of the ancient East preserved in Yoga, Ayurveda, or the Thai Massage treatment provide valuable alternatives for both chronic and episodic illness.

There are comprehensive courses followed at yoga and meditation retreat in Thailand that also provide healing with Ayurveda, Thai Yoga Massage, and Naturopathy. Soak in the goodness and come out fresh as a daisy from such a well-chosen program.

Travel, Explore, Go Untethered: Thailand never runs out of exquisite places to explore. Set off wherever the heart wants, to the deep blue horizons and beyond. In Thailand, travel is cheap, food --simply exquisite, and folks coming from all over the globe here, keeping the things vibrant and fun.

Here, you can set your spirits free, there is nowhere else you would rather be :)

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